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80: How I Came Up With 260 Podcast Ideas

I sat down one day and thought about 260 episode topics for this podcast. Why? Well, because this is a 5 day a week podcast and I need to keep it on track. In this episode I talk about the process of coming up with this many topics and how you

Why Do You Listen to this Podcast?

Tel: 347-541-5090 - Text me your feedback. Let me know why you listen to the Inbound Pro Podcast. I won't be answering any phone calls, but I'd be replying to messages. This should be fun. I can't wait to read your responses and start talking to

79: Email Marketing Rules You Should Break (and test)

Email marketing, as you know, is the best way to convert casual readers into loyal customers and repeat buyers. Today's episode will go into some of the 'rules' set by experts and reasons why you should be breaking them. I also tell you what you

78: How to Help New Visitors Discover Old Blog Content

Your old blog content doesn't get much traffic. You spent so much time putting it together, only to have it sit in the archives catching dust. Today's episode will show you how to help new visitors discover your old blog content (or podcast

77: Untapped Blog Traffic Sources You Need to Look Into

Blog traffic. We all want more, but did you know there are other opportunities out there that don't include SEO, Youtube or social media sites. In today's episode I talk about 4 methods and sources of traffic that other people aren't