Product Launches: 12 Mental Triggers That Get People Excited

Before you continue reading, I need to say one thing.

These psychological triggers must NOT be used to trick people into buying crappy ebooks and courses that won’t help them. I know you’re a good person and I’m sure this goes without saying, but being ethical and honest is important – especially online. 

There are a lot of scam artists taking advantage of people now-a-days, so all I ask is that you market your business as honestly and transparently as possible. Just the other day I was looking for a product on Amazon and found a cheaper alternative with 236 reviews. [Read More]

Top 10 Product Launch Tips from Today’s Top Bloggers

You know it’s time.

You’ve already started blogging. You’re creating great content and you have some ideas of the products and courses you want to sell.

But something is holding you back. Maybe it’s fear.

Fear that your product release will not go as planned. Fear that people won’t buy your stuff. Fear that you’ll mess up your launch.

Don’t worry, this is common, but what’s also common is the idea that people will actually care about your offering with little to no marketing. [Read More]

3 Must-Have Ingredients of a Successful Mini Course (and what to leave out)

I’ve created quite a few courses in my time online.

I remember my very first one. I titled it Zero to Blogger and it came out in 2010. That was almost 5 years ago and things have changed quite a bit since then.

Here’s an interesting thought, though. That course was made up of 6 tutorial videos that showed people how to build their wordpress blog from scratch. Everything from finding a domain name to publishing their first blog post with images. [Read More]

6 Smart Ways to Grow Your Business in 2015 (Free Workbook Included)

Things are changing and they’re changing fast.

I’ve seen it and I’m sure you have, too. Two months into this new year it’s time to start looking at our goals again and see how far we’ve come; how much we’ve accomplished.

As I’m looking at my goals, I realized that there are few things I wasn’t doing that I believe will make 2015 better than last year. So here’s a list of the things I’m going to focus on heavily this year to make sure my business grows. (‘cuz we’re either growing or failing and failing is not an option). [Read More]

Watch as I Create and Launch a Product in 7 Days

Why am I doing this?

First of all, I got the idea from Nathan Barry who created a product to sell in 24 hours. Secondly, I’ve always wanted to create mini courses that help people solve one specific problem, that were also relatively cheap.