BBP 010: 8 Actionable Steps To Building An Authority Blog

In this episode of the All About Business Blogging Podcast, I share with you 8 actionable tips on how to build an authority blog.

There are many things that make up an authority blog, so I couldn’t put it all into one episode.

What I did do was give you the 8 things that you can work on right now, and implement so you can see results, no matter what niche or topic you’re blogging about.

If you can help people fix a particular problem with your knowledge or advice, you can build an authority blog for yourself.

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  1. says

    Awesome podcast… as always :) I am definitely going to take your advice and invest in a Woo Theme. You’re absolutely right in saying that it would make your blog unique. I think I have the most used free theme there is because EVERYONE has it! (ha!)

    Thanks so much for mentioning my post in this week’s podcast! I really do appreciate it.


  2. Alex Thio says

    Thank you, Hector – for giving me a shout-out on your podcast! I so appreciate it, and I hope your readers will find the ‘motivational’ wallpapers useful!

    As always, great podcast episode with so much meaty material to act upon. I especially like the point about displaying elements of social proof! That’s something I really need to effect on my own website. (How DO I overcome the fear of Facebook?!)

    Keep up the awesome work, and again – THANK YOU!


  3. says

    Thanks Hector for the tips. I really would like to know more info on podcasting and how I can manage a product launch when that will come later. I just started my site and now am working on producing valuable content so that visitors can find valuable content…

    I’m definitely going to follow your advice from your blogging guide.

  4. says

    Facebook is a monster and it should be handled with care :0) – I’m sure you can find good information our there of how to use Facebook for business effectively.

    The wallpapers were cool so THANK YOU for sharing them with us
    appreciate the comment

  5. says

    Pete.. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. My Podcasting for Bloggers program is launching soon so that’s probably the best way I can teach you all I know about getting a podcast up and running and getting more exposure for your blog and/or business.

    Thanks for getting the blogging guide
    talk soon

  6. says

    Awesome as Always Hector!

    Thank you for being such a huge contributor to the online business community. I’ve enjoyed everything you do, especially that you always give ACTIONABLE tips!

    Wishing You the Best of Success,

  7. says

    Hi Hector,

    This is my first time on the blog and I lsitened to your podcast about “Authority blog” very carefully. I jot down all the points. Thank you so much for the detailed podcast, your voice is clear and I understood each and every word.

    I really want to be an authority blooger in finance career coaching.

  8. says

    The tips are great and they can ensure that you become not only an authority blogger but a better blogger in general. Content is always king and you have to ensure that your content sticks out because of in depth information and uniqueness.

  9. says

    By building authority sites (blogs), we are building real business assets that grow in value. When built properly, these high value websites stand the test of time. Because of their higher quality traits, these sites have much more potential to earn backlinks, maintain a high search engine ranking and earn more money.

  10. says

    Hello Hector, this was my first time listening to your “All About Business Blogging Podcast” – it was informative, instructional, practical, insightful, relevant and challenging. Excellent tips and loved your tips about being a leader to others and being a role model.

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