7 of the Best Blogging Tools That Make Your Life Easier

best-blogging-toolsIf you’re a blogger, then you’re probably looking for tools that make the blogging experience a bit easier.

.. I know I am.. 

Below is a list of the 7 best blogging tools that will do just that.

Here’s what they are:

Drop Box

This is a free service that lets you bring your photos, documents, and videos anywhere and share them easily. You’ll never have to email yourself a file again! Watch their YouTube video to learn more.

I freaking love Drop Box. I use it all the time. There’s no need for USB’s anymore.

Whenever I need a file on another computer, my laptop, iPad or iPhone, I just drag it to my Drop Box folder and access it wherever I want.

If you haven’t been using Drop Box, you don’t know what you’re missing. Plus, it’s free! Download it here.. 


Looking for an app that does almost everything to make you more productive and stress free? Evernote is the application for you. You can save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see.

You can access it anywhere.. it’s compatible with almost every mobile device out there and you can find stuff you’ve saved fast by using the search feature.

Evernote is more than a To-Do list.. it’s like having an extra brain to hold the things you don’t want to forget.

Weird analogy?… yea, but you get the point.

All Top

I use All Top to get caught up on what’s going on in my industry. I use this awesome site to spy on my “competitors”, and try to figure out what I can add to what’s being said about a particular topic.

Stealing topics isn’t a bad idea either… that’s why all they’re talking about now is that Carnival cruise ship in the evening news.

I’ll address this idea of stealing and creativity in a future post, because I think it’s an important one to cover.

… even if it’s been covered thousands of times before..

Focus Booster

This simple desktop app makes me super duper productive. I set the timer for 25 minutes and start writing, or designing, or doing whatever I need to do to grow my blog.

When the 25 minutes are up, I take a 5 minute break. (the break is actually built into the application itself). I use this time to take my mind of the task at hand so I can get back at it with super clear focus.

If you download any of the tools I mention in this post, let it be this one.

… plus it’s free!


Need to find high quality images for your blog posts, but don’t want to spend $3 on a simple picture.. this is the site for you. You can type in any keyword, select the image you want, fill out a form asking for permission to use the image and you’re done.

This site is filled with fancy images that you just can’t find on Google Image search. Give it a try, you might like what you find.


My go-to software when things go haywire with my websites. I can upload and download scripts, images and documents. I can edit files that corrupt my site. I can do all sorts of stuff.

There are several other FTP programs (CuteFTP and SmartFTP to name a few) but I like FileZilla. =)

Awesome Screenshot

This web application allows you to capture screenshots straight from the web and even add annotations. You can circle stuff.. underline.. highlight.. cross out.. put stuff in rectangles and a bunch of other things.

It’s a Chrome extension, but it’s also available for the Firefox and Safari browsers. Sorry Internet Explorer users.. why are you using IE anyway? =)


I use this desktop app occasionally. There are times where I get distracted very easily and need to block everything out and get some writing done.

This is mostly when I’m working on a big post, a special report, or an autoresponder sequence.

Focus Writer opens up beautifully and creates a blank screen for you to write. No icons. No Youtube. No Twitter. No Aweber stats. Nothing. Just you, your keyboard and Focus Writer.

It’s awesome.

What Other Tools Make Blogging Easier For You?

Share them below…

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  1. says

    I landed here via an awesome blogger, I know …
    Great tools here. Love two things you wrote:
    “… it’s like having an extra brain to hold the things you don’t want to forget.”
    “Why are you using IE anyways”!! Really, why????
    The only use of IE for me (on a pristine WindowsXP, when I used Windows machine, which I haven’t, in past 6yrs, after I converted to Mac), was to go to getfirefox.com, and download FF the first thing.

    Plus, I discovered some tools like the Stock,xchng – I need to try it. I do a lot with images (though I don’t blog). This will be super useful. Thanks!!

    (BTW, the friend whose tweet I followed to land here is Carolyn form @wonderoftech)

  2. says

    Hi Hector,

    Dropbox, Evernote and Filezilla get my vote for sure. :)

    Here are some of the tools I use:

    Triberr – for reading and sharing
    Flickr – for finding images
    TweetDeck – to socialise on Twitter
    Excel – for spreadsheets (not free but Google Docs would be an acceptable alternative)
    Paint.net – for editing images
    freemyfeeds (my own tool, just go to freemyfeeds.com) – it’s a work-in-progress that I find to be a bit better than Google Reader for keeping up with my favourite blogs
    Twitlistmanager – a great little tool for managing your Twitter lists

    And probably a few more I can’t remember… 😀

  3. says

    Lol.. exactly.. I opened up IE to do the exact same thing. I downloaded Chrome soon after and haven’t looked back.

    I’ll have to thank Carolyn then. thanks for stopping by

  4. says

    I’ve used Buffer and i liked it, but then kinda forgot about it. I should go back and start using it again. thanks for the Drop Box tips posts. I’ll check it out.

  5. says

    Nice list of tools here. I always find it interesting when another blogger posts a list of tools that they use. I like to compare it to the tools I use, and maybe find something better to use, or a new tool that I can use to improve the task I do as a blogger.

    The one tool that you mentioned that I use is Dropbox. I have thought about trying Google Drive but I see no need to because Dropbox works so well, and it is so simple.

    The tools that I just cannot get the hang of is Evernote. I try and try but it always seems like more of a chore than it is actually worth.

  6. says

    Hi Hector,
    These tools you mentioned here seems new to me, while I have used some of them. I’m going to try others to see how it will work for me.

    Thank you for sharing via Bizsugar.


  7. says

    I definitely would want to use Focus Booster. I always get distracted from time to time and it kinda frustrates me. Thanks for sharing these blogging tools here in Bizsugar Hector!

  8. says

    Nice list of tools. I’m using Evernote more recently and I’m quite close to becoming a paid member. Another tool that I use for my blogging is Podio, a project management app. It has helped me organize post ideas, managing my interaction with readers and influencers as well as content that I am going to share on social networks.

  9. says

    Hi Hector,

    Fantastic list. The tools I use are Hootsuite for Social Media, FileZilla, WikimediaCommons for photos, and BizSugar for reading and sharing. I think I’ll see the other tools you mention. It’s always good to have alternatives for all.

    Thanks for sharing

  10. says

    Evernote is my life saver. Since I can access it with my tab and laptop things get super easy for me. Great plus is that I can work offline. While I’m waiting or at my relatives house where there is no internet, I just don’t have to put off my creativity.

  11. says

    I know what you mean about Evernote. It took me a while to actually start using it fully because I was so used to just writing stuff down in notepads and on my whiteboard,. but once u get started, it think it’s helpful.

  12. says

    Never heard of Wikimedia Commons – just went over there for a second and saw some nice images. Will have to dig deeper for my next post.

    Thanks for sharing

  13. says

    I haven’t.. but I just saw their YouTube video and it looks useful. I’ll have to sign up and play around with it. thanks for sharing that with me Martin.

  14. says

    Great list Hector.

    Will have a look at Focus Booster, need such a tool badly.

    And, I do use photopin.com to search the CC images for my blog.

  15. Ceemee says

    I don’t know why but I like using Evernote more than Dropbox. Maybe because the memory of Dropbox gets full easily? What do you think?

  16. says

    This is a good list. Particularly Evernote for saving ideas and inspiration for posts whenever you come across them. I made a tool to help bloggers manage advertising on their blogs better (http://www.advert.ly), which might be useful to some people here. Just adding to the list – not trying to spam! :)

  17. says

    Thanks for the share.Blogging tools really makes the life of the blogger a lot more relaxed.Among all your shared tools i like the Ever note very much because using this tool a blogger can preserve his ideas,his likings,his hearings etc….

  18. Ben Jackson says

    Great list! Making life easy is my mantra :)
    I have a blog with a lot of images, I found this great plugin called Slingpic that adds a little share button to each image I want it to. Saves me having to worry about it any more, I know that each time I post an image, my readers can share it to facebook/twitter/pinterest etc and it will have a link straight back to me. Anyway you can get it here http://slingpic.com

  19. says

    Nice list! I’d like to add two tools that I commonly use as well – Producteev and Lucidchart. Producteev’s quite possibly the best task manager I’ve used so far – easy to use and syncs up nicely with my smartphone. Lucidchart’s great for diagramming or wireframing.

  20. says

    Great list and discussion. I’ve a few to share:

    PressThis, a plug-in bookmarklet that lets me grab some text on the fly and write and publish or just save as a draft. LOVE it. I’ve just started using it and I am head over heels for this one.

    DeeperWeb is a FireFox extension that works with Google. It hides off to the right of the screen, but when invoked on a search, displays a word cloud, “Resources” and “Blogs” and “News” links — pages of them! — with hefty snippets. It’s basically a research assistant. Fabulous if you want to add depth and character to your posts.

    Zemanta, except I just can’t make it work for me. It keeps crashing and burning and losing its functionaity. This is the 2nd time I’ve tried it and I give up. I think I’ll just stick with DeeperWeb.

    And I recently “discovered” a little plug-in that launches on March 23 which I’ve currently got demo’d on my blog. The developers are friends of mine and while I’m a member of their group, I do not have a material interest in this product, but I am very impressed with it. My bounce rate is down and my time spent on my site is way up, and I mean way up. Here’s my post about it: Is Your Website Sticky Enough? http://www.crazyeasyprofits.com/is-your-website-sticky-enough/

  21. says

    Great stuff Hector – you should check out http://www.passle.net – I work there but that does not mean it is not any good!

    It is designed really for businesses and makes keeping an updated blog alot easier (most businesses struggle!) We use it ourselves and as a team of 3 create over 40 blog posts per month – before that we had about 1-2 posts per month – all of this with minimal effort. Worth a look.

  22. says

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