Want More Subscribers? 6 WordPress Themes That Build Your Email List

no-spamYou’ve probably tried it all.

Created a content marketing strategy. Written epic content.

You’ve guest posted to drive traffic.

Built a decent following on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest.

Created an awesome lead magnet to entice visitors to sign up, but somehow people aren’t joining your list.

If you’ve literally tried everything, there might be something else going on with your site. Something so simple it hurts me to even say it:

People Don’t Know Where (or How) to Sign Up

Usability is one of the most important elements of website design. … but when it comes to wordpress, most people seem to forget that. Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to add a bunch of stuff to it.

All the widgets, plugins, ads, and other stuff in your sidebar distract and confuse your visitors, which can decrease site conversion.

Today I want to show you 6 wordpress themes that make building your email list ‘brain-dead’ simple. They all follow 2 important rules:

1. They make it super obvious where to sign up

2. And they clear all the clutter that distract visitors

 All 6 of these wordpress themes were designed by none other than Studiopress. I use them because they not only make your website look stunningly beautiful, they also understand how design affects conversions.

They know it only takes a few seconds for a visitor to decide whether or not they want to stick around and browse your site.

Here they are:

The first 3 themes make it easy for your visitors to sign up. The very first thing they’ll see when first land on your blog will be a sign up form.

This opt-in form is non-obtrusive, nicely designed, and is above the fold. Take a look at the demos.

Balance Theme

balance wordpress theme

Generate Theme

generate wordpress theme

Streamline Theme

streamline wordpress theme

What About Landing Pages?

The following 3 themes have an awesome feature that I absolutely love. These themes come with a landing page template. We all know how important landing pages are, but they’re not the easiest things to create using wordpress.

Well, with these themes you no longer have to mess around with code (CSS or whatever) to figure out how to remove:

  • the header
  • the sidebar
  • the footer
  • and other external links

These are 100% distraction-free pages that look great and boost conversions. Check out the demos below:

Decor Landing Page

decor wordpress theme

Mindstream Landing Page

mindstream wordpress theme

Quattro Landing Page

quattro wordpress theme

Q: What Theme are you using and Why?

You don’t have to switch over to Studiopress to get the benefits of high conversions. There are other themes and frameworks that do the same. Plus, you can always customize your site to optimize for conversions.

But if you aren’t getting enough subscribers, you might wanna look into redesigning.

…  if you’re happy with your results, let us know what framework/wordpress theme you’re using right now. See you in the comments.. 

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  1. says

    Great post. A big factor that made us pick the Balance theme for our blog was the fact that there was a strong focus on the opt-in form to grab email addresses :)

  2. says

    I use a naked Thesis Theme, but I used hooks and filters (and a minimal amount of knowledge of PHP and css) to get my site clean and uncluttered. I did hire a graphics designer though, but I want to get that redesigned as well.

    I do love the idea of having a theme framework and child themes under them. It gives the nerds a chance to customize to their hearts content, but it also gives people who are not that savvy with coding and stuff a chance to choose a child theme and just point, click, and drag to make them feel like they own the theme.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. says

    Hector…Great post. I love the Genesis Themes and actually have the Generate Theme installed currently although. My question is how did you customize your home page with the eleven 40?….did you have to edit the css a lot?

  4. says

    Yea. Created a custom landing page for my homepage which is wider than all other pages. This was done with the function.php file, and new page template and the CSS file.

  5. says

    Good post Hector. Thanks for sharing. I’m a Profit’s Theme user – seems to do about 80% of what I need it to do. Plus able to put together sales page elements in under 10 minutes. Support very responsive.

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