A 17-Point Checklist For Creating Highly Effective Landing Pages

landing-page-checklistI’d be lying if I told you that I create highly effective landing pages that need absolutely no revisions.

In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that most of my landing pages probably suck the first time around.

Why? Because there’s always room for improvement …that’s why.

Unless you’re converting 100% of your visitors into leads and sales, then there will always be work to do, and changes to be made.

So, I took the liberty of creating a 17-point checklist for all of us to use – yes, that means me, too. I oftentimes need to come back for refreshers to make sure I’m creating pages that will actually work.

Then (after testing how well they’re coverting) I revisit them to make any additional changes. Below you’ll find 17 essential points that make up a pretty high converting landing page. These points can also be used for creating sales pages, but for this post we’ll focus on lead generating pages like my Inbound Marketing guide landing page.

The 17-Point Landing Page Checklist

This checklist is simple to use.

  • For every “Yes”, you’ll give yourself (+1) one point.
  • For every “No”, you’ll give yourself (0) zero points.

The goal is to try to get as close as possible to 17-points. The closer you are to 17 points, the better the page will convert.

Obviously, there are no guarantees. You’ll have to test different elements of the page to see how they affect the overall conversion rate. But this checklist will give you a good starting point.

Let’s get going:

  • Does your headline say what the page is about?
  • Are you using a sub-headline that further describes the page?
  • Is it a Single Purpose Landing Page?
  • In less than 10 seconds, would your mom know what the purpose is?
  • Are you using bullet points to describe what they get?
  • Is it clear to the visitor what they’re going to get?
  • Is your copy benefit-driven?
  • Are you using an image that is relevant and also unique?
  • Do you explain what to do next?
  • Does the landing page look professional?
  • Is your Opt-In form visible without scrolling down?
  • Did you eliminate any and all navigation from this page?
  • Are you asking only for the contact info you need?
  • Does the design match the rest of your site? (colors, logos, etc)
  • Did you add a Privacy Statement below the submit button?
  • Did you add a Social Proof element?
  • Is you Submit Button something other than “Submit”?

If you want to see a page that implements all 17 of these points, you can check out my landing page at: www.Inboundpro.net/vault – Yes.. it’s a shameless plug so more people will join my email list – but it’s also a great learning tool. Feel free to model the style and layout of the page. It’s working pretty well for me, so far.

Here’s a screenshot:


Points Interpretation:

How many points did your landing page get? (leave it in the comments) Then use the point system below to interpret your score:

  • Between 12 & 17 – This is an Awesome Page – I haven’t even seen it, but I know it is. All you probably need to do is test a few things here and there to improve the conversion rate. But.. that’s about it. Are you teaching a class on designing Landing Pages? … cuz you damn sure could!
  • Between 7 & 11 – You’re almost awesome, but not there yet – You’re probably converting fairly well. If you focus on making the necessary changes, you’ll see an improvement. Just don’t let a few points keep you from being awesome …get to work!!
  • Between 3 & 7 – Not even close but better than most – Don’t feel too bad. You’d be surprised how many bad landing pages there are online. But with yours, there’s definitely room for improvement. Look at the questions where you answered “No” and fix those first. If you don’t see improvement, your offer must be really bad.
  • Between 0 & 3 – Did you even try? Even just a little? – I think not. Read the checklist, then read the checklist again. Let it sink in … then try harder.

Now, I want to hear from you…

What would you add to this checklist?

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  1. says

    Hi Hector,

    This is a great list – I could certainly learn a lot from this. The one I am unsure off is whether my Mum would know what its about!

    Still – I hope I ticked a few and got some points. Your page is great, I think it sums up what its about nicely.


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