3 Common Blogging Problems And Their Solutions

blogging-problemsI’ll be the first to tell you… this blogging thing ain’t easy.

It takes hard work and dedication … not to mention planning and a well thought out content strategy.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that most people struggle.

Anything worth doing will have its hurdles and obstacles to overcome, right?

So let’s address these common blogging problems head on.

1. Little To No Traffic

The first one that comes to mind when I think of blogging little-to-no traffic. First we have to ask ourselves why.

… we won’t get anywhere trying to solve the problem without knowing what’s causing it. So, what causes this problem in particular?

Well, there’s the “built it and they will come” mentality. This is the idea that just by publishing a post online, it will be viewed by hundreds and thousands of people.

But we all know that couldn’t be further from the truth. NO ONE will see your post unless you promote it. So that’s the first solution..

The second cause of the “no-traffic” problem is crappy content.

Now this might be hard for you to admit at first … I know it was for me. But you have to honest with yourself and ask, “is this content really worth people’s time and attention?”

If not, you have found the 2nd solution. Write better content. (and this is what this series is about)

2. Little To No Engagement

An engaged audience is what we all want right? I mean … what’s the point of getting lots of traffic if no one takes action?

Again, let’s look at what might be causing this problem in the first place. Can you think of anything? … how about this, your content doesn’t make them think.

Thought provoking posts is probably the best remedy for the “no-engagement” problem. Maybe you’re not taking an authoritative stand on your topic or even worse, you’re trying to appeal to everyone.

When you do this, you come off as a “me-too” blogger.

… another common cause of this common problem is the lack of questions. You’d be surprised at the type of response you get when you ask your readers to answer a question.

… are you doing this on your own blog?

3. Little To No Subscribers

Let’s get one thing straight.. you don’t need gigantic lists of 100K people to start seeing results in your business.

I mean.. sure it’ll be nice to have, but only if those 100,000 subscribers are responsive. A responsive list of email subscribers is much more valuable to you.

… you want people that will actually take action when you send out an email.

With that said… let’s find the underlying causes of this “no-subscriber” problem. It goes without saying that you need visitors in order to get leads, so we’ll skip that.

… another cause might be there’s no incentive to subscribe. ( … don’t worry about how to create your free offer right now, it’s something I’ll address later on)

But for now, understand that very few people are going to sign up just to get “Free Email Updates”. They need something more. You need to sell the opt-in, even if it’s free.

Are these your blogging problems?

Leave it in the comments..

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  1. says

    Ha! Those are my 3 problems so at least its ‘normal”. 😀

    I’m just learning to market so I’m excited to test different strategies to find what works for me. I’m also playing with the idea to “niche” down to ttarget a smaller audience. But I know its a marathon and I just started but know the best is yet to come.

    Love your stuff Hector!

  2. says

    Thanks Hector! I think all three play a role in some way for me! Need to spend more time researching and planning posts beforehand to have more engaging material. It will come with experience, I’m sure!

  3. says

    Thanks Joe.. glad you’re finding my site useful. I agree, you shouldn’t try to be everything to everyone, cuz then you’ll end up being nothing to no one. That’s why I don’t talk about offline consulting, paid traffic, site flipping, or any of the other hundreds of topics in the internet marketing space..

    Even though I have experience with getting offline clients and paid traffic – talking about those topics doesn’t help my positioning.

    I stick to using Attracting, Converting and Selling an audience using Content – that’s it. It’s one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

    So you’re definitely on the right track Joe – keep it up.

  4. says

    More engaging and compelling content is key to attracting the people who will love your maternity clothing.. I don’t know that market as well as you do, but I’m sure moms-to-be would enjoy to read an article like, “5 Fashion tips for Pregnant Women” or “What To Wear When You’re Pregnant” – you get the idea.

    Hope that helps

  5. says

    hard work and dedication is right hector and you hit the nail on the head blogin is a job even if you are an expert in the subject thanks for the info my problems exactly i’ll be looking for more tips at you’re site

  6. says

    Hi Hector.Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention,as well as providing solutions.I now can see what I need to work on.Before your insight I had no clue. Thanks so much.RedCola.

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