The Art and Frustrations of Content Creation

frustrated-artistIf you’ve been writing for any length of time, you know how hard it is to create remarkable pieces of content that resonate with your audience and gets spread all around the web.

It doesn’t happen every time.

Not to me at least. Maybe you’re different…

Maybe you can create content, whether it’s written, audio or video, that captures your audience’s attention and inspires them to take action every time you press publish.

But I doubt it. That level of creation is not sustainable. Your mind needs rest- and that’s OK. It’s normal, we’re all human.. but what if I told you that there was a way for you to tap into that creativity that we all have inside?

You see, this content creation thing is an art, which makes us all artists – and artists have been struggling with these same frustrations for a long time. It’s nothing new.

Today, I want to share with you what I do on a day to day basis, that helps me tap into the creativity that I need to write (what I believe to be) great content. This is the content that gets me more traffic, more leads, and has helped me grow the size of my audience significantly in the last 60 days.


Create Daily

Before you dismiss this as the typical advice that you’ve heard before, answer me this – are you actually doing it?

Forget about technology for a second. Forget about wordpress and aweber. Forget about your pinterest and twitter followers. Forget about your traffic stats and subscriber count.

Are you sitting down every day and creating something out of nothing. This is tough.

Not because you can’t find the time, or because you’re so busy that you just can’t fit it into your schedule – it’s tough because creating VALUE out of thin air takes a tremendous amount of effort and mental work.

We are ARTISTS and if you want to start creating great work that takes your blog and business to the next level, you must begin to think like one.

Experience Ain’t Free

Oscar Wilde once said, “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.”

That’s right… it ain’t free, but it’s the best teacher you’ll ever have. You won’t pay cold hard cash for it and it doesn’t accept credit cards.

Experience is the only thing that’s standing between you and whole bunch of people who love you and visit your blog.

But you’ll have to pay your dues. You will get frustrated. You will want to quit, but if you don’t you will see the benefits of all your hard work.

Content Creation Is an Art You Must Learn & Master

You won’t get great at writing overnight. Anyone who promises you that is full of ‘you-know-what’ (let’s keep it g-rated here). The only way to get better is to start – Just START!

Joyce Cary said it perfectly, “What I say to an artist is, ‘When you can’t paint – paint.'”

The point is that it doesn’t get any easier, you just get a whole lot better at it. And there is a time where it’s much more important to focus on quantity than quality, and that’s in the beginning.

The more you work on your craft, the better you get at doing it. That’s how it works, don’t ask me why or how, but it does.

It’s All About Content Creation – Nothing Else!

Without content it doesn’t matter how many twitter followers you have. Without great content it doesn’t matter who you know or what product you’re selling.

Without great content your audience would be your mom and maybe a your best-friend. Without content you don’t exist in this digital world.

The web is made up of words and the best way to get to where you want to be is to start today, create daily and let experience be your teacher. Even if your piece of art never makes it on your blog, or a video or your podcast, you will be much closer to mastering the art that matters.

E.L. Doctorow once said, “Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

You might want your site to be considered the ultimate resource on your topic. Who wouldn’t like that? I know I would… but how do you get there?

According to Doctorow, creating art one word at a time.

Please share if you liked my art today…

Let’s chat..

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    These are great suggestions. I am a part time blogger and a full time academic, so I write a lot every day in one way or another. I once heard about a study where researchers who wrote at least 30 minutes each day were more likely to get a grant and get promoted, etc. I try to reserve as much time as I can for writing.

  2. says

    Hey Kristen. That sounds like an interesting study. I don’t doubt for a second that those who write more often attract a bigger audience and your comment proves that…

    Thanks for sharing :0)

  3. says

    This really is interesting. I took quite a few creative writing courses when I was younger and the “big secret” was to write every day. I did this for years and still do – when I’m feeling uncreative I have a random name generated, pick the first animal/thing I see on Google Images search for “random” (with safe search on) and I write about it. It can be random, bad, pointless or none of those – but I have to write.
    I got an A* (highest grade possible) in all of my creative assignments at school – so I’m going to hazard a guess it works!

    As you said in the quote from Oscar Wilde – experience isn’t free. It’s hard work and you have to invest a lot of time into, but it pays for itself 100 times over!

  4. says

    Good morning Hector,

    College of content noticed your blog comment this morning from Lisa’s blog

    and wanted to say good morning to you. You blogged on the interesting topic of “creating content daily”, and it motivated college of content to drop in, and leave a blog comment on your site. Just like yourself, college of content is committed to creating content daily, keeping content unique and educational, in addition to creating content is many times, throughout the day. When you get a moment Hector, please feel free to read the blog post below, and leave a comment on the college of content blog. It would really be nice if you took the time to do so. Thank you so much Hector, and looking forward to not only hearing from you soon, but building a meaningful online business relationship. Thanks again :-)

  5. says

    Hector – you are so spot on. And, props on a post well done.
    Blogging is hard work. And, not for the faint at heart. I’ve penned hundreds of post that get zero/zilch/nada in the way of feedback. At, least I would believe except that every now and then I get these crazy awesome emails from random people that suggest that a certain post hit their heart but they just don’t do the comment thing. And, boom. I am in it.

    Thanks for taking the time on this one – and, have a compelling balance of the week.


  6. says


    I understand why some people get frustrated while creating content, but for me its always exciting to teach something to my readers

  7. says

    Hector I’ve read persuasive arguments as to why you should not try to create content daily. I won’t go into those here because I’d have to say I agree with you.

    Learning to write well is like learning to play an instrument. You need to work at it every day. When I taught music, I always tried to impress upon my students that 30 minutes of practice daily would give them far greater results than 3 hours practice once a week.

    I think it’s the same thing with writing. The more you do the better you get.

  8. says

    That’s where most people get stuck and quit – at the beginning it certainly feels like we’re talking to no one. Until you get your first comment and then the second and then that email that says, “this blog post really inspired me…”

    Thanks for taking the time to comment Mike.. talk soon

  9. says

    That’s a perfect comparison Stephen – how can someone expect to create a great 20,000 word ebook when they can’t put together a remarkable 700 word blog post.

    Practice helps. End of story.

    Thanks for your insightful comment.
    Talk soon

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    Writing is something which should be more interesting and exciting. There is always challenge to create excellent and unique content. So it depends on the writer to produce quality and exciting content for the reader. Yes I do agree that there is always writer’s block but one has to overcome it to produce quality writing. Well explained post. Thanks!

  11. says

    Hector this is a great post. I always believe in the principle of using the right tools to target the right people. But I definitely agree that no matter how great your tools are without populating your site with good quality blogs everything is meaningless. This is why content creation essential to online businesses. Hence, no matter how tired you are or no ideas are just coming out, you just have to write. And you are right, the best way to write daily is get yourself started writing a post.

    Spatch Merlin
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