4 Ways You’re Destroying Your Credibility and 5 Tips To Avoid It

Credibility is all we have online. This is what sets you apart from everyone in your niche. Think about it… anyone can start a blog now-a-days, right?

Anyone with minimal tech skills can set up a blogspot blog in minutes (although it’s not recommended for business). But, before I get into how you might be destroying your credibility, I’d like to Welcome you to the Trust & Credibility Series.

blogstars-seriesThis is the first of 4 super valuable posts that will surface within the next 2 weeks from well known bloggers. When you’re done reading all four of these awesome posts, you’ll know exactly how to use your blog to build credibility, trust and establish social proof.

I’m excited to start this series with some tips to help you avoid messing up any credibility points you’ve earned so far. Ok.. enough with the chit-chat – On with the post already…


Differentiating yourself is the first thing you need to consider when building your online business blog. Anyone can start participating in the community and become a self proclaimed expert without any “real qualifications” – you know, the type you need in the “real world”. This is why building your online credibility is important.

Unfortunately, in my first 8 months of blogging, I’ve seen people making the same 5 mistakes that is killing their credibility. Here’s what they are:

buiding-credibility1. Making False Promises

False promises are by far the fastest way to lose your audiences trust. If you say you’re going to do something, I strongly suggest you follow through on that promise. It could be something as simple as releasing a free report that was announced a couple weeks back; or raising the price on your product when the sale is over.

Or it can be as serious as the way you market your products. If you know your products can’t make someone an “overnight success”, don’t say it – your credibility is worth so much more than a few sales. These simple promises can make or break your credibility, so follow through.

2. Promoting Crappy Products

I see this one a lot. There are literally thousands of products for sale on clickbank, but I’ve learned that only a select few are worth selling as an affiliate. You have to be very careful when promoting anything as an affiliate, not only from clickbank, because if the product sucks, it’s your credibility that’s on the line.

Even if you get sales the first time around, those people will never take you up on any of your recommendations again. You’ll have to find new people to sell every time you want to promote something new, and that’s not the way to do business.

3. Changing Your Opinion Too Often

One of the toughest obstacles to overcome when getting started blogging is not having a “voice”. Finding your voice can be difficult for a lot of people because they don’t know exactly what they stand for. Then they start writing, trying to please everyone, and they end up not connecting with anyone.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your thoughts about a particular topic, but doing so every time someone challenges your views will ruin your credibility.

4. Downplaying Your Accomplishments

I do this. You do this. You’re competitors do this – it’s normal, but it’s not good. You’ll reach high levels of excitement in your business when you do something incredible that you’ve never done before, and then the excitement goes away. Like how I’m in the Top 4 of the Business & Marketing  podcasts in Itunes. I’m still excited about that, but not as excited as the first day.

If I would’ve left the excitement go away completely and not talked about it in my second episode, I probably would’ve started to think it wasn’t as special as I thought it was – and in the end, HURT my credibility in the process by not letting my audience know.

I know you’ve done SOMETHING worth mentioning. Don’t downplay your accomplishments, let them be heard.


1. Link Out To Other Popular Sites

The easiest way to let you audience know that you’re a credible person is by linking out to other credible sites. This let’s them know that you’re into providing GOOD valuable content to them and have their best interest in mind.

There’s an added benefit to this, too. If you want to partner up with a particular blogger, start linking to his/her posts and get on their radar.

2. Create a Well Thought Out “About Me” Page

Let people know who you are and what your blog is all about. Although I still don’t have an about me page (shame on me) I created a sidebar image letting visitors know that this blog is ran by a real person, and not some Mr. X.

Also, you want to have a way your visitors can connect with you. Social media links and contact me pages are also great ways to become easily accessible.

3. Actually Use The Products You Promote

To avoid damaging your credibility, be sure to buy, use and honestly review the products you promote. Remember, your credibility is worth a lot more than a few affiliate sales. Being true to your audience about the stuff your promoting is the best way to get people to trust your recommendations and buy from your affiliate link again.

4. Stand Your Ground

Credibility is all about picking a stand and defending it unless something inside you changes. Don’t be afraid of being ridiculed. Don’t be afraid of disagreeing with people. Don’t be afraid of standing for what you believe is true. You won’t be able to pleased everyone, so there’s no point in trying.

Work on pleasing those who think like you and believe what you believe. The easiest way to do that is to speak your truth. It sounds easier said than done, and that’s because it is. But after you find your voice and speak your truth, you will begin to create true fans.

5. Create a Press Page

I started putting together a press page, titled: Hector Around the Web a couple days ago after seeing Tyone’s page and Chris’ page. This is a great way to let your audience know about the cool things you’ve done, who you’ve collaborated with.

If you’ve ever been interviewed – add it to this page. If you’ve ever done any guest post – add it to this page. If you’ve ever been mentioned in a list post for being super awesome, hell – add it to this page, too. It will only help your credibility.

On To You & Watch Out For Part 2…

Are you guilty of these credibility killers? Have you done everything you could to make sure people know they can trust you? Let me know in the comments section below, right after you share this on twitter & facebook.

The next part of this Trust & Credibility Series will be released on Thursday December 26th. Be sure to follow me on Twitter & Facebook so you can get notified when part 2 is live.

Talk soon…


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  1. says

    Hey bro, You mentioned the credibility factors well :)

    Back to your questions, I did somethings you mentioned above that killed my credibility (becos I don’t know what works, and what’s not then). Hah! I actually try to promote a lot of stuffs at my blog at the start, thinking of ‘trying to earn some quick cash’, but those are the stuffs i never buy and use b4. But those promo ads have been removed since:)

    1 thing i believe I did right at the start, is to keep to my promise when i first started:) I think that simple promises like “my next post will be up tomorrow”, or “I will answer every comments my readers leave behind” do make a big difference in the credibility :)

    Now, I got another idea from you about creating a Press Page. I will go learn how to get it done :)

    Look forward to Part 2 Hector! :)

    ~Ding Neng

  2. says

    Hi Hector,

    Another awesome post full of valuable tips! I agree whole-heartedly!

    “It takes a lifetime to build up your credibility, and only one second to ruin it.”


  3. says

    Hi Hector,

    More wonderful insight here.

    I was guilty of the “afraid of disagreeing or being ridiculed” bit for quite a while. I am a cash gifting sponsor, and gifting is quite a polarizing activity. Finally I got clear on the topic. When I did so more network marketing pro’s promoted my stuff.

    The press page is an excellent idea. I’ve done a few interviews along with a few collaborations(thanks Buddy ;), definitely makes sense to shout out your accomplishments. Most of us are humble types but you need to be a showman too, for if you don’t spread the word about your accomplishments, who will?

    Thanks for sharing and have a powerful day!


  4. says

    Hey Hector,

    Agree with you on the Press Page! I put up a ‘check out my writing gigs’ some time ago b/c I really wanted people to know what I was up to outside of NewBizBlogger.

    Just realized that I did an podcast interview that I should add. 😉

    Great content as always!

  5. says

    Thank-you Hector. Your info has been super helpful in building my blog. You don’t skip out on value and you are congruent with your message, you are a real leader in the business.

  6. says

    “Downplaying Your Accomplishments” reminds me of real life in sense of people I know that keep apologizing for their success, making money or what ever. They do good stuff but it’s like they are scared to talk about it. Maybe they are scared to provoke other people hating them, I don’t know, but this is the part of the article that got to me the most.
    Great post.
    PS I would love to see this “Hector Around the Web” page. Sounds like a great idea.

  7. says

    Hey Ryan,

    That’s awesome bro. It’s important to understand that when you polarize yourself to the extreme you’ll repel a bunch of people but also create some true loyal fans at the same time.

    Yea, it’s good to be humble – but like you said, if we don’t show off our own accomplishments, who will?

    Thanks for your great comment
    all the best

  8. says

    Hey Ding,

    Thanks for your great comment. First of all, I’m glad you learn from the mistake you made when you first got started. “Trying to earn quick cash” is definitely not the right way to approach this, but you know that now :0)

    Yea, I do believe that those small promises really help the credibility of the blog owner greatly. I’ve fallen behind on replying to comments because of the growth of the blog. But I’ll get to them soon (that’s a promise) :0)

    Let me know when you get that press page ready.. I’d definitely like to see how it looks

    talk soon

  9. says

    Hey Brankica,

    For of all, welcome to my blog – it’s great to have you here. I know exactly what you mean, as if they have something to be ashamed of. Displaying your accomplishments, when done right, can help your credibility tremendously.

    all the best

    ps – I’m going to be working on this page in the nest few days, so it should be up by Friday.. :0)

  10. says

    Hi Hector,
    It’s so easy to down play accomplishments – especially in the blogging world where info that was new 10 minutes ago is considered “old” already. It’s so easy to brush over those accomplishments if you don’t post about them right away – they do seem to loose their sparkle in our own opinions. But readers do really want to know about those things.
    I try to keep an on-going list of guest posts I’ve done and interviews – it’s not something I promote, but for the curious reader, it’s available.
    Thanks for this thought-provoking post :)

  11. says

    Awesome post Hector. Promoting an affiliate product you’ve not use is a bad idea and it can ruin one’s reputation with 1min. Thanks for sharing. Have fun.

  12. says

    Hi Hector

    I just came over from Twitter. One of my favourite places to find great posts to read. I enjoyed having a look around your blog and will be back to check out more of your posts.

    Your idea about a Press Page….sounds interesting. Being fairly new to blogging, I am visiting lots of blogs and learning heaps. This is a new one for me. I have now done 2 guest posts. Have one up in my sidebar while the other one is still running; but I like the idea of when I have been mentioned in a Sunday Roundup or somewhere else in the blogosphere, should acknowledge that too.

    Thanks for such an insightful post. Much appreciated Hector.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  13. says

    If you do all blog activities carefully and logically its easy to monitor your blog credibility. Logical thinking takes major part in reputation of your blog. we need to take actively part in engaging with other friend bloggers.

    I agree that anyone can start blogging within a minute without any technical skill, still there are such bloggers they are doing best even in subdomain in blogger. I am not presenting my side here but I am also blogging in blogger but still I am not too good in that. I need to spend much time to know such credibility.

    I really impressed with this posts, you brought keenly blogging credibility facts here.

  14. says

    Hey Hector

    Without good credibility we have nothing.

    Not only can we destroy our credibility via our blogs we can do it anywhere we are seen online.

    Facebook is a huge place where people put their credibility on the line.

    A great post my friend.

    Chat soon

  15. says

    This was pretty good, especially #4 under the destroying credibility thing. You’re right, we all do it in some fashion, going back to our parents telling us not to brag. Working on that one all the time.

  16. says

    Hi Hector, cant wait for part II – I enjoyed reading this post very much. Thankfully, at this point I don’t think I’ve messed up – *yet*… (fingers crossed). Getting your feet wet in the blogging arena is much different than focusing on a static website. It’s all about finding that balance and being very aware of how you come across. Thanks for your tips, I’ve only been blogging (and not much of it) since May 2010… finally caved in and got the show on the road. I’ll be watching to learn more from you.

  17. says

    Hi Hector,

    Great start to the blog post series you will be presenting! Credibility is definitely the number one thing that sets a novice blogger apart from a well established figure in the blogosphere. The reason is simple – in order to become credible, one has to put a lot of efforts and spend a lot of time on his site to proof that he really has the knowledge. Self-proclaimed “gurus” don’t last long nowadays.

    I strongly agree with you that making promises you’re never going to keep is a thing to be avoided by all means. If you are not sure whether you will be able to do something or not, better not make a promise. It’ll be good if you do it, but there won’t be a problem if you don’t.

    Liked the downplaying accomplishments point as well. The situation is similar by me. My excitement about something great I’ve done doesn’t last more than a day or two, after which I start thinking it wasn’t much of an achievement. That’s definitely not the right attitude, but sometimes you just can’t help it.

    The improvement tips are all solid as well. I’m especially with you on creating an about page. Even if it is just a short 3 or 4 sentenced paragraph, it is better than nothing.

  18. says

    Hey Hector!

    Awesome post man! You really set a standard with this one, and I have to say that I have been guilty of one of those things you listed, and I will never do it again – that is for sure :0
    I also now think I need to update my about me page because I have not done that in 8 months or so, well not since I started anyway!

    Thanks for the awesome post and reminder to get my credibility in order! I’ve earned it, now I need to focus on not letting it wane.

    Respect man – you are killing it!

  19. says


    Really great tips here. When I first started out, I was terrified of being ridiculed and challenged. The first few times I received negative feedback, I considered throwing in the towel. Then I realized, EVERYONE started out new and probably went throught the same thing. I had to summon up the nerve and stand my ground and challenge back. It can be difficult at times but I think when you respond to the challenges, it helps build your credibility and makes people notice that you are not going to go into hiding!

  20. says

    Your blog is growing real fast, and it’s really nice to take the time out to chat and connect with your readers right here as often as you can. :)

    I’ve seen some press pages really well done, like Tyrone’s. :) I look forward to your press page too Hector!

  21. says

    Very interesting points indeed, Hector.

    I do love the idea of creating a “press page”; however, I am afraid that it will just remain an idea for me :), since it will need to be constantly updated – too much work.

    I am not sure linking out increases your credibility though. Anyone can do it and it wouldn’t add an iota of credibility in my eyes.

    Overall, great post, Hector!


  22. says

    Very nice tips Hector. It eventually all comes down to show you’re not made of smoke, but you’re a real person, who know his own niche in depth and is not just trying to “look cool” with fake premises.
    The most trust you inspire in people the more they will be inclined to follow you, in any situation.

  23. says

    Hey Hector,

    Awesome idea! I’m going to have to look into those press pages. I can’t believe I never thought about creating one before.

    Overall, great list!


  24. says

    Hi Hector,

    Found you via sweetsfoods.com. Happy that Gera included you, this is a great post. Lots of info for us novice bloggers. Like the idea of a press page and thank you for the examples. Looking forward to part 2.

    Have a great week!

  25. says

    That reminds me I need to finish my about me page hahah
    There are so many marketers out there that misrepresent the product the promote to their readers. I personally have to try out the product or do extensive research before I decide If I want to promote or not. I don’t want to look bad since I’m trying to be a role model for newcomers out there.

    Good Post Hector!

  26. says

    Hey Kevin.. being a role model and presenting the RIGHT information are great tips for long term success. Those who are in it to make a quick buck, won’t be around in a few years.

    thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment – now on to that about me page lol

    take care & Happy holidays

  27. Aixel says

    Well Hector,

    I’ve wondered around your page and let me tell you, I’m hooked. What can I say?.. you know your stuff and you teach it well.

    This particular post caught my attention A LOT because online credibility is such a big problem for me. I have problem accepting the credibility others try to sell me, I mean, because you wrote it I am now supposed to believe it? I’m sure I too can show up online claiming to have infinite knowledge on that specific subject you’re looking for, doesn’t mean my copy of “that specific subject for dummies” is sitting right next to me as I paraphrase what’s written… I guess I’m a bit of a skeptic.

    But ironically, you simplify those credibility builders to a point where there is no room to question. It makes perfect sense; I would feel comfortable exposing what would be my novice-like curiosity. And I guess this is why I keep coming back, because your consistency and work ethic is directly correlated with that which you speak of on your site. You deliver.

    Hats off to you.. keep up the good work.

  28. says

    Hey Aixel,

    Here’s how I see it. There are thousands of books on every subject imaginable to man. There’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t jump in and dominate.

    We all have our own unique personality, writing style, image and that is what people resonate with. There’s a quote in the marketing space that says, “they come for the content, and they stay because of the personality” – This is what the internet and blogging allow us to do.

    We have the ability to reach thousands and potentially millions of people with our message, that may have been written or spoken before, but NOT the way YOU can deliver it.

    I know that anyone can say, “Hey, I’m an expert at XYX” – but if the value isn’t there, in their posts, in their communication, in their emails, and in their products (free or paid) – they won’t get far.

    Thanks for the value adding comment
    I’m glad you stopped by today
    Talk soon & Merry X-Mas


  29. says

    Hi Hector
    I enjoyed your post. To me, many of the points you discussed related to integrity. Integrity has to precede trust. And without trust you will have few real relationships and a lead a somewhat limited life. Thanks so much for the reminder.


  30. says

    Great post hector, I love the content and also that you admit that you get good ideas from other blogs you see…too many people have to act like they invented everything themselves. good luck

  31. says

    I think I’ve been following the principles of your advice before you wrote this article – but I had not seen it so well articulated before… Great job! Now, I have some tweaking to do… Keep up the great work!

  32. says

    Excellent tips. The best way to avoid pitfall #1 is to not make commitments and promises. Focus more on DOING and less on sharing what you are planning to do. Life has a way of creating delays.

    Anyone who has read my blog knows I am link happy and regularly write about and recommend bloggers optimize their about page. I don’t believe I’ve writtecn a post about why bloggers and small businesses need a press page but that is absolutely true. (Some call their page a media page.)

  33. says

    Great stuff here. I think linking to other sites is a great thing to advocate, along with internal linking to similar content, but I also believe that sometimes a site that one might not think of as credible as another site has some great information, and it’s as important to give those sites some love as well as using sites known by others.

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