How NOT To Get Ignored On Twitter

twitter-ignore-postHow many people retweet your tweets?

Studies show that 92% of retweets happen within the first hour of the original tweet being posted.

In the second hour, only 1.63% of tweets are retweeted.

This means that if your followers aren’t there for the first hour when your tweet is posted, the chances of getting a click through or a retweet are miniscule.

Sucks right?

Yes it does. But this is the reality we have to deal with. Tweets have a very short lifespan.

Nevertheless, there are thousands of people getting noticed, retweeted and clicked on Twitter and I hope to share with you some ways NOT to get ignored by your followers.

1. Start @Replying More People

It’s called Social Media for a reason. There needs to be some sort of socializing going on in other for you to get noticed and start showing up on people’s radars.

Twitter does a really good job of showing you your new followers everyday. Take advantage of this simple feature and talk to them. It only takes a second to say “Hello”.

You never know if one retweet from one of those followers can lead to a flood of new visitors one day. :0)


2. Talk About Them… Not How Awesome You Are

You see it all the time. People use Twitter as an online billboard in an attempt to sell their product or services.

Newsflash!! People don’t give a *hoot* about your products or its features – they care about themselves. Stop trying to go for the sale on first contact.

Talk with (not to) your followers about the things that interest them. If they retweeted something you posted, then use that as a conversation starter.

3. A Simple Thank You Goes A Looooong Way

It’s hard to thank everyone that retweets my content, but I do go on a “Thank You Spree” from time to time to make sure my followers know I appreciate them.

If you’re following me on Twitter and ever retweeted or @replied me – Thank YOU! You rock!!

You see what I mean. That only took about 45 seconds to do, but it makes a difference. So do it and you will not be ignored.

4. Be Cool & Follow Back..

Don’t pick fights with anyone on Twitter – it’s not only childish, but very unprofessional. Some of your followers will unfollow you if they see this in your twitter feed.

Bashing someone in public isn’t the best way to attract people to you or your business. It is, however, a good way to attract confrontations. So be cool.

Instead, I like to spend my time following people who follow me. Again, use that feature to see who followed you today and follow them back.

How Else Do You Get Noticed on Twitter?

Leave your Twitter tips in the comments sections and share this with your twitter followers if you found it useful. If you want more Twitter Tips and Tricks, check out this post.

Take care & talk soon


Please NOTE: I’m on vacation until Monday May 7th… so I won’t be replying to comments until then. I have some posts lined up for you, so be on the lookout.

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  1. says

    I think that everyone pretty much ignores strings of hash tags that don’t make any sense. However, I believe that they can be used creatively. I have built up a vocabulary of words and phrases that are commonly used and write meaningful tweets using them. Thus, my tweets have an extended exposure reaching beyond just those who are following me.

  2. says

    Hey Hector,

    Hope you’re having a good vacation :)

    Great post, I find I’m getting ignored on Twitter quite often, lol. I’ll keep these tips in mind!


  3. says

    Thanks for the tips Hector, I’ll be keeping these in mind when I start activly participating with twitter in the coming weeks. I also read awhile back that roughly 3PM PST was the most active time for retweets so if you’re looking to spread your content that would probably be the best time to tweet.

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