How I Tapped Into The Fitness Market in a Weekend

calendarCheck your calendar. How does this weekend look?

All you need is one measly weekend to start reaching hundreds and thousands of new people who are actively looking for you.

That’s a bold statement, but I can deliver. (and I’ll prove it, too)

By “actively looking for you”, I mean they’re searching on iTunes for content that could help them solve their problems.

You, my friend, can get in front of that audience by creating that content.

iTunes is a goldmine. It’s completely untapped. How else could I tap into the Muscle & Fitness niche so easily? Let’s dive in..

The Google Traffic Dream

We all daydream about endless free traffic from Google. We’re constantly searching for ways to get top rankings on Google for a highly searched term, so we can shower in the endless stream of visitors.

Don’t say it ain’t true. You know it is.

Who can blame us? Traffic is what makes this so exciting. Knowing that there are people reading your art, and that you’re having an impact on the world.

But, for most of us, this is just a dream. Yes, I get thousands of monthly search engine visitors, but Twitter sends more. Endless Google traffic is still just a dream for me.

There’s Too Much Competition

Take a second and search for the term “Build Muscle” on Google. What do you see? – Don’t worry I’ll do it for you…

1. Article from – This is a Page Rank 5 site and that article is Page Rank 4. Alexa ranking 32,000

2. Article from – This is a Page Rank 6 site and that article is Page Rank 0. Alexa ranking 27,000

3. Build Muscle section at – This is a Page Rank 5 site and that section is Page Rank 4. Alexa ranking 773

Question – How the hell can I compete with that?

Answer – I sure as hell won’t try.

These sites have a tremendous amount of authority in Google’s eyes, and they won’t be outranked so easily. The best way to tap into the Muscle & Fitness niche is to go for long tail keywords, with a lot less competition.

But the downside is that these keywords don’t get searched for as often and so, you won’t get much traffic. So what do you do?

You Start a Podcast in a Weekend

I lied. You can actually tap into the Muscle & Fitness niche (or any niche for that matter) by starting a podcast – and you won’t have to worry about any of those competitors.

I recently launched a podcast titled Build Muscle Radio on iTunes. The very first episode went live April 7th, 2012. Below is a screenshot of what the search results for “Build Muscle” looked like before and AFTER I launched it.


There aren’t any tools that allow you to see the number of searches keywords get in iTunes, but I like to think that searching on iTunes isn’t much different than searching on Google.

If we take the total number of Google monthly searches for the term “Build Muscle” – 673,000 – I just ranked my podcast for super competitive term in a few days.

There’s no reason why you can’t do it for your own blog, in your own niche.

This isn’t the only term I’m ranking for either. Here’s the list of keywords I went after, and got results from:

  • #1 for Workout Routines
  • #5 for Muscle Building
  • #7 for Weight Loss Tips

How To Get In On The Action..

I created the Podcasting for Bloggers training program for anyone who is ready to tap into the power of iTunes and start building their audience much faster.

This is the most in depth course on Podcasting you will ever see. Over 20 step-by-step videos and you have direct access to me via the comments section just in case you have any questions.

Click here to get access to it now.

& Click here to learn more about what you’ll get as a member.

Talk soon


build your audience guide


  1. says

    Hector, you are the man.

    Love how it always feels like a conversation when I read your stuff. I would love to start a podcast some time so I’m glad I read this. Will have to do my keyword search to see what would be the best fit to start that.


  2. says

    Hey Hector,

    It looks like everyone is diving head-in for podcasting (and mobile apps) these days and now I can see why.

    I checked your sales page, what are you using for your membership? It looks like Amember but reading “paydotcom” confused me.

    I remember you had a deadline for setting up a membership site using Premise, were you able to accomplish that?

    Thanks in advance,

    PS. I just refered someone to your site looking to migrate his old blog to a new domain name.

  3. says

    Hey Sergio,

    I’m actually using Amember with a third party plugin that connects the script to payDotCom. I was trying to use Premise with any affiliate management service, but they still don’t have options to do that.

    So I went with eJunkie for the Design Guide. The Copyblogger Team did say that they’re making a few improvements to Premise. Hopefully they add a way to connect it with eJunkie.

  4. says

    That’s very impressive, Hector! Not that I’m surprised! I’m noticing more and more bloggers moving to podcasts, it’s definitely worth looking into!

  5. says

    Awesome article Hector! I’ve been putting off creating a podcast for the longest and I am constantly coming across articles about it and I think yours finally gave the big push! I also wanted to know, what are your thoughts on creating a video podcast versus a audio podcast on iTunes? What if someone is in the space that relies on creating videos to market their business, do you recommend that they create a audio podcast instead of using video?

  6. says

    The reason I like audio is because I can record, edit and upload an episode fairly quickly. And the listeners can take me with them, and listen to the episodes wherever they are. But if the content is better served in video format then by all means, go for it. The audience is still there, and you will attract them to your once they find your podcast.

  7. says

    Yes it is. The fitness podcast already has 87 subscribers and over 700 downloads and it’s only been 10 days or so.

    Thanks for stopping by Stacy

  8. says

    Thanks Hector. By the time I did not read a post that would fit my profile, and this he did. I suggest a post about how to upload a podcast to iTunes.

    See you soon

  9. says


    LOL in one weekend, but i understand you my friend. Podcasting is ever growing and I think thats a great way to do it in one weekend

  10. says

    Thanks! I guess I’m worried what people may think if I advocate video but do a audio podcast. I am leaning towards creating a audio podcast so we will see how it goes!

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