How To Create An “Ideal” Lead Generation Process On Your Blog

If you don’t have a system or process in place that every one of your leads go through, you’re NOT using your blog to it’s fullest potential.

We hear it everyday.. (I’ve even said it once or twice) that your blog is where you “show-off” your talents and skills so that your market begins to view you as a leader/expert in your particular topic.

Your blog is the best place to share valuable content that makes people TRUST you and want to BUY from you, rather than going to some other guy. – (because they’re gonna buy anyway, it might as well be from YOU, right?)

In this very long, but very detailed post I’m gonna be sharing with you (or showing off) what I know about creating an ideal leads process on your blog.

There are a few moving parts, and I want to give you a step-by-step guide (probably the best guide you’ve ever gotten for FREE) for creating this lead generation process with your blog.

A Quick (& IMPORTANT) Announcement…

Before I begin, I just wanna let you know that my plans for this blog just got a whole lot more exciting for me and for you.

I’m gonna try my best to give you the best content I can possibly give you. I’m gonna be writing more posts like this one and like the one about  “Creating Special Reports”, because I want you to learn everything I do, AS I DO IT.. not months down the road.

What I’m gonna show you today is the process that I worked on and completed in about 3 days. I could have done it a lot quicker but I was also creating another Special Report to make my ethical bribe a bit more enticing for my visitors.

But, ideally, you can create this lead generation process for your blog in 1 day if you really put forth the effort..

Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you already have your lead generation process created on your blog, then skim through this post anyway – you might find some gold nuggets that can help you out.. :0)

If you don’t have a Lead Magnet yet – be sure to read THIS POST.. & then come back to this post when you’re ready..

Let’s Get Started – Grab a Pencil (you’re gonna need to erase stuff)

The process is simple, but like I mentioned before.. it does have a few moving parts that we need to put in the right order. I call this the “ideal” lead process because it’s exactly what I want my visitors to do when they get to my site.

Not every visitor will go through this process, but you want to have it in place to maximize the effectiveness of your blog. This process we’re gonna create can be totally different for you, that’s why the first step is to DRAW IT OUT.

Here’s the ideal process that I want everyone to go through when they visit my site. You’ll notice that there are TWO roads your visitors can take…

ideal lead process

The goal is to get more first time visitors to take the BLUE ARROW route, and less first time visitors taking the GRAY ARROW route.

HOW??  Simply add more ENTRY points to your desired route.

The “3 Free Reports” Link

First I have the 3 Free Reports Link at the top of the page. Anyone navigating the site will probably notice it and click on it. That link leads them to a page with a Free offer and the opportunity to sign up to my BLOGTIPS newsletter.

(which I just noticed is not in the image above, sorry)

If you want to see the page I’m talking about, simply click on 3 Free Reports and you’ll be redirected to my Newsletter Sign up page.

This page is really easy to create, all you need to do is go into your wordpress admin dashboard, click on ADD NEW PAGE and start writing.

I recommend testing the page by adding audio or video to see if you get a better response. This is also the page that you send people to, if you’re using guest blogging as a traffic generation strategy.

The Sidebar Offer

The next ENTRY point is the Sidebar Offer, and this is one most bloggers know about. There’s a good chance you have this already set up on your blog.

So I’m gonna give you some tips and an idea of how I created mine since I’ve been getting emails about it. The first thing you want your sidebar opt-in form to do is STAND OUT. If it doesn’t stands out, it doesn’t get noticed and you won’t get many opt-ins.

So what I did when I was creating the image in photoshop (yes, that’s all it is, an IMAGE – there goes my big secret..), anyhow.. I created something that grabbed people’s attention.

  1. Big BRIGHT Red letters on top – since my design is mostly blue and gray..
  2. Strategically chose benefit-driven titles for the reports
  3. Put a call-to-action on TWO places
  4. Mentioned it’s completely FREE << very powerful word
  5. And used visuals to increase desire for the Lead Magnet

If what you have is working great for you, then leave it – don’t change what you’re doing. But if you’d like to be getting more sign-ups, by all means, model what I’ve done here. It’s working well for me.

The Pop Up Offer

The last ENTRY point is the Pop Up Offer (powered by Popup Domination << affiliate link). This is the EXACT same offer that is given to all of my visitors, but through a different medium.

If they don’t navigate and click the link on top or opt-in through my sidebar form then the last opportunity they have to join my list would be the Pop up opt-in form.

I won’t get into why I think you should experiment with Popups because that will just take me off-topic. If you wanna see the results I’ve gotten from using the Popup Domination plugin.. READ THIS POST.

Now, let’s move on to the next step in the process.

After someone give you their contact information (name & email) you now have their permission to follow up with them and give them more information, and market your products or affiliate products that you believe can help them.

There’s a whole lot I can get into when it comes to Email Marketing but we’ll leave that for another day.

Your goal, after someone opts in, is to make sure you give them what you promised them. Whether you decide to make them confirm their email or not, your goal is to deliver and OVER-DELIVER on the value, by creating an experience that they’ll remember.

The First page they see after they subscribe can be a video, audio or special message from you, letting them know how you roll and what they can expect. Having this “conversation” is crucial if you want a long lasting relationship with this person, who could eventually buy something from you.

The Download Page

This page is also pretty straight-forward and very simple to create. Just go to your WordPress admin dashboard, click on ADD NEW PAGE and write down instructions for people to download whatever it is you promised them.

You can also add a video, audio interviews and written articles to that page – stuff that you only want your subscribers to see. That’s why I call mine the BizBlogging Vault ;0)

Please don’t feel like you can’t do this stuff just because there are some technical things you need to do. It really is simple (then again, all this is second nature to me now)

But seriously.. if you have a domain, hosting and blog set up, you CAN do this stuff – trust me.

Make sure to send your new subscribers an email telling them where to get your Lead Magnet, by that I mean the EXACT URL because you want to decrease the amount of people emailing you back tellig you they can’t fidn your downloads.

The goal is automate the entire process and NOT HAVE TO TOUCH IT AGAIN. That’s the power of the internet. That’s how you can leverage your time and work on driving traffic to your site. That’s how you can build relationships on autopilot.

That’s how it’s DONE!

Now… Go Make a Viral

OK.. maybe this won’t make it go completely viral but it’s a smart little element to add to this entire thing so we can leverage the power of social media.

When you get to my download page, there’s a link all the way at the bottom that says “Click Here To Tweet About the Vault…” – when anyone clicks on that link they are redirected to twitter where their status update is filled with the message I WANT THEM TO RETWEET – so all they have to do is click “TWEET” and it goes out to all their followers on twitter.

That’s great but how does that make it VIRAL? I’m glad you asked…

The message has a link back to my Sign Up page, so anyone who clicks on that link will probably sign up, and go through the entire process all over again... (in a perfect world of course – but it’s nice to dream)


Well, that’s about it..  I think it should give you a good start with creating your own IDEAL Lead Generation Process. Again, it doesn’t have to be exactly like mine but you’re more than welcome to model what I’ve done.

Let me know in the comments section if you’re gonna be working on this, so I can stop by your blog when it’s done. If you tell me and the rest of us, we’ll promise to hold you accountable so you can get it done QUICK!

Until next time!

I wish you nothing less than success! Leave me your feeback below and please share it with your friends and followers – really, it only takes 4 seconds..

Talk soon,

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. says

    Hi Hector,

    Thanks for the tips. You have made some good points here and yes a blog is in fact your marketing system that generate leads for your business. And by following what you’ve just laid out here, its impossible not to succeed. Keep up the great work man!

  2. says

    Hi Hector,

    I agree with Sonny that it is nearly impossibe to fail when following your outline. I like the approach because it’s based on a process that each and every lead goes through – that makes it duplicatable, right ?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care


  3. says

    Hi Hector

    Ditto on what Sonny say’s and I love your sidebar Hector. Did you do that Media Box at the top yourself? (one with the newsletter and report opt-in). Social Icons are the bomb that blew me away. :) If you got anything on simple methods for integrating Amazon s3 with WordPress and without headaches I’d like a look. Giving me nothing but grief at the moment.

  4. says

    Hi Hector
    I am promoting a brand-name specific item on my blog and could possibly stretch my mind to do a quality report relating to it, the challenge for me would be to come up with a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter.

    However thanks for this start-the-creative-juice-flowing post.



  5. says

    Hello Hector

    Excellent tutorial today. The one thing I would add is that you have created all of your offers and welcome pages so they are unique, which I think is important in branding and conversion.

    I have clicked on some offers that have taken me directly to a third party sales page. When that happens I immediately unsubscribe.


    P.S. even though I dislike popups yours is a nice one :)

  6. says


    This is great detail on your lead generation process. I’m definitely going to use your vault download idea as a FREE Membership to my blog. An “inner circle” if you will. Of course a Paid Membership is also in the works. (we’re in this to make money right?)

    Here’s my ideal lead generation strategy:

    1. Articles, Facebook Groups, Emails, BetterNetworker Forums ==> BLOG
    2. Pop-Ups, Side Opt-Ins, Blog Posts ==> CAPTURE LEADS
    3. FREE Marketing training – Videos, Email Training Bootcamp, Webinars ===> Over-Delivering of Value

  7. says

    Hi Hector,

    Thanks for sharing the step by step breakdown. As you noted by leveraging your time with a streamlined, detailed lead generation process you can spend more time driving traffic to your blog.

    Ryan Biddulph

  8. says

    Hi Hector,

    I’ve been your fan since I’ve read your first article that was exposed to me on Facebook. And I’ve followed you ever since because I’m just a beginner and want to know anything and everything on Blogs so I’ve learned lots of valuable informations from you. Thank you!
    I’ll let you know after I follow your steps and accomplish that (I hope soon). Promise you will be my first critique!
    P.S. I may drop some suggestions as I want to try if it’s best for me first. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

  9. says

    Hey Hector,

    Great stuff here buddy! I was actually looking into integrating the popup feature on my blog and I was just wondering what kind of results have you been able to get as a result of using this feature?

    For some people I’ve heard good things but from others I have heard that their readers didn’t like it because they thought it was kind of annoying. What has your experience been like with using this on your blog?

    Let me know!

    See you at the top,
    Michael Stead

  10. says

    Hey Hector… You are the perfect example of “Branding” yourself. Not only that but you explain exactly how we can do it too.
    Thanks for all your GREAT work.

    Coach Freddie

  11. says


    Man! What a fantastic, step-by-step tutorial. It’s not very often that someone takes the time to write out the EXACT process they use to get leads into the funnel, so this was incredibly refreshing.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  12. says

    Hey Hector, this is an awesome break down of what people should be doing on their blog. I even picked up a few things to double check I am doing them on my blog!

    Your content is great and I love the fact that you can really see you are so committed to this site and your community here with everything you have going on. As we all know the more free value the better. Thanks for contributing such a great blog to our community!

  13. says

    Hi Hector,

    You have some great suggestions here. You’re using every different possible angle to better serve your customer. That’s what this is about.

    Great to see you are making a difference. I’m not surprised… 😉

    Looking forward to what’s next in store.
    Jerome Ratliff

  14. says

    I think you definitely created a great sales funnel on your blog, Hector.

    Pop-ups do work: visitors are getting used to them and the optin rate is so much higher with them!

    I love the graphic that you used to explain the process. I think you should make it embeddable for the folks to put up on their sites and link back to you. Win-win situation.

    Ana Hoffman

  15. says

    Hey Hector,

    Another killer post, thank you.

    Yes, you give people lots of chances to opt in, that’s great.

    I have 3 ways on my blog that people can get my video course, and each of those has their own tracking. This makes it easy for me to tell which ones are working and which ones are not.

    Another great place to add your offer is at the end of each post. This pulls in those who had no intention of opting in, but after reading your super post, decide they want to check it out after all. 😉

    Thanks again for another quality post!


  16. says

    Wow talk about detail my friend – awesome!

    By the way what plugin do you use in the side bar for people to subscribe to your RSS by email? The one I am using is not able to have its width changed which I think is kinda crazy.

    Thanks for the value.


  17. says

    Talk about over delivery of value! Hector, you do this so well. What’s more important is that you are prepared to share it with others.

    What you have described here is the ONLY way to collect leads that are going to be responsive to you & what you are marketing. Generic “system” methods cannot ever achieve what this sale funnel does.

    I know, as I’ve been using something similar on my own blog!

    Stay inspired.

  18. says

    Hey Hector,

    You knock it out of the park!

    I have opt-ins everywhere and people use them all. The only place that I’m going to add is the pop up. I don’t like them but I know they do increase the opt-in rate. So I will be purchasing it through your link. You’ll get some affiliate juice from me. You deserve it, my friend! :)

    Chat with you later…

  19. says

    Hi Hector!

    I loved your detail post and visuals! They really helped me to see what you were saying in a very clear way!

    I know the power that popups can have, but I’ve not tried it yet…mostly because they drive me crazy. :)

    I have started to use a pop up banner on the bottom of my blog, and I’ve added a check-box to allow people who comment to subscribe to my ethical bribe, and following up on comments with an email inviting them to get my free offer as well. Since it’s automated I don’t have to think about it and I’ve noticed my opt-ins increasing.

    I love your sidebar graphics, they are very eye catching and are inspiring me to jazz mine up a bit!

    Thanks for the very detailed and helpful post!


  20. says

    Hey Hector,

    I love how you explained this process so well. It is essential if you want to turn your blog into a lead generating machine! I do have a system set up but I am currently working on a much better offer that will hopefully attract more people. The better your value you give in your offer the more people will get it! Thanks for sharing!


  21. Hector Cuevas says

    Hey Heather..

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post – if you have other ways to increase opt-ins then clearly you don’t need to add a pop up, but it’s always an option.

    The only reason I did was because I can set it to only appear once every 7 or 10 days.. so it doesn’t annoy the hell outta people.. plus it looks freakin awesome..

    I’ve been meaning to ask you about that “Subscription Option to those who comment” – is that the Action Comments Plugin by Robert Plank or something else?

    thanks for your comment by the way, always looking forward to them

  22. says

    Wonderful lead generation funnel. People that just randomly try to “set something up” have no idea how powerful a really streamlined operation like your is. A little bit of preparation and planning can really go a long way! Great work and thanks for sharing!

  23. says

    Hi Hector,

    Some really great tips here and I love the visuals, guys are always wanting visuals….we thrive on them….it is just how we are wired! I am going to take your advice and implement some of these strategies! Thank you !

  24. Hector Cuevas says


    Thanks for your comment.. failing would be kinda hard if you follow this lead generation model… people need to just take action

    talk soon

  25. Hector Cuevas says

    Oliver.. yes it certainly does.

    Anyone can take this process and plug it in their own business, and automate the entire thing

    thanks for your comment
    talk soon

  26. Hector Cuevas says

    Dennis.. first off – thanks for stopping by and welcome to my site..

    Thanks for your comment and yes I did add that on my own. I might be doing some tutorials later on, just not right now..

    Make sure to subscribe to keep up with updates
    talk soon

  27. Hector Cuevas says


    Wow.. that’s a tough one. Well, here’s what I would do:

    1. I would re-position the site from a “Blog that promotes a Sneaker” to a valuable, resourceful site that sneaker addicts would like to read…

    2. I would create a report about the World’s 7 Best Sneakers of All Time.. or top 7 fashionable sneaker Tips.. (anything that would get visitors to take action and give you their name and email) – all this takes TESTING of course to see what they resonate with the most…

    3. Get traffic from top fashion sites by blog commenting or guest posting.. and then follow up with your subscribers by talking to them about sneakers and fashion and stuff they’re interested in..

    4. I would then recommend some sneakers to them by doing some simple reviews..

    IMPORTANT** You need to create a voice and establish yourself first in order for anyone to take your suggestions to heart – I mean, why would I buy from your site when I can go to amazon or ebay or my local sneaker store..

    it’s tough but not impossible… you just need to find the right angle BUT you won’t know until you test

    hope that helps…

  28. Hector Cuevas says

    Pete.. that’s a great point and something that I think A LOT of people are waking up to.

    Branding and positioning is TOO IMPORTANT to be wasting your time branding someone else.. yes some people have done it using duplicated systems but that’s only because they used all of the features..

    BUT even then – those who have been successful, learned from using that system and branched off to do their own UNIQUE thing, like you said..

    Great add to the conversation
    thanks for the comment
    talk soon

  29. Hector Cuevas says

    Josh.. I appreciate that man – thanks a lot…

    It’s great that all your opt-ins are working to grow your list, keep going bro!

    talk soon

  30. says

    Hey Hector,

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses over time, man. Hopefully you’ll be briefing us with some of the results of this slick funnel.

    Thanks for neatly breaking it down so we can see your marketing machine at work. The more of this we share, the more abundance we create.



  31. says

    WOW Hector, you have overdelivered! Thanks for sharing such a detailed breakdown of how people should create an effective lead generation process on their blogs.

    Great stuff!

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

  32. says

    It is funny how things sort of mesh, I was made aware of your name on and then again on, back to back, so I thought I would drop by. You are certainly correct when you said it would be a highly valuable post, I have got less in paid reports. I’ll be back. Great resource, thanks, and I will be fine tunning my lead funnel tonight!

  33. Hector Cuevas says


    I like the words “Inner Circle” – make it really enticing.. and yes, that’s what we’re here for :0)

    PLUS MORE VALUE, MORE VALUE & MORE VALUE.. you got the right idea

    thanks for sharing

  34. Hector Cuevas says

    That’s exactly right Ryan.. once this is set up, it’s all about driving traffic to something that’s gonna work FOR YOU

    thanks for pointing that out
    talk soon

  35. Hector Cuevas says

    Jerawan.. I’m so glad to hear that.. definitely try it out and let me know if this is the route you want to take.

    Good luck

    talk soon

  36. Hector Cuevas says


    “..I have got less in paid reports” that’s the type of response I was looking for – THANK YOU for making me realize I accomplish this goal..

    I really appreciate your response and I hope to see you around here often.. good luck with your lead funnel..

    all the best

  37. Hector Cuevas says


    That’s exactly right. the more you value you promise in your free offer the more people will take you up on it..

    Good luck with that
    talk soon

  38. Hector Cuevas says


    Yup.. completely agree with you.. there’s nothing like an automated streamline process that does all the work for you..

    but in order to do that, we have to put in the work first..

    thanks for your comment & thanks for stopping by
    talk soon

  39. Hector Cuevas says

    Nat, That’s exactly right.. the more value you give away, the better you are in the end..

    thanks for sharing your thoughts & I appreciate what you said..

    All the best

  40. Hector Cuevas says


    I’m glad you found this post useful – thanks for you comment.. always look forward to them

    talk soon

  41. Hector Cuevas says

    Mike.. “incredibly refreshing” – that’s exactly what I was going for 😉

    thanks for your comment
    all the best


  42. Hector Cuevas says

    Hey Marcus..

    Sorry for the delayed response – Lots been going on around here.. Anyhow, I have the same plugin you have, I just changed it a bit –

    I’m thinking about doing a tutorial on how to do that b’cuz not everyone has a LIME GREEN & ORANGE blog color scheme

    But with so much on my plate I might not be able to for a couple weeks.. I’ll let you know though

    talk soon

  43. says

    Hi Hector!

    Once again you’ve nailed another great tutorial! You lay it all out simply! I’ve just got to go ahead and purchase Photoshop, and then probably that pop up (of course it’s much nicer when you have nice graphics to put on it! :)

    Thanks for an awesome post!

  44. says

    Great step by step process on building your funnel. I love the way you take each part and really give it a good explanation starting to see how your mind works my friend….scary in a good way.

    Steve Shoemaker

  45. says

    Hi Hector,

    Brilliant post. SO MUCH VALUE! and superb, easily readable presentation. The best thing is, there’s great tips in there for beginners, those who have established their blog, and those who’ve been at it for a while.



  46. Hector Cuevas says


    That is a great place to place an opt-in.. I was thinking about it for a while but didn’t wanna over do it, so I went with something a bit less Intrusive.. (an image that links to the Vault)..

    We’ll see how that turns out..

    thanks for your comment
    talk soon

  47. Hector Cuevas says

    Great idea Ana.. I’ll definitely take that into consideration next time I write one of these long posts..

    thanks for sharing
    talk soon

  48. Hector Cuevas says

    That’s what it’s all about.. serving the customer.

    thanks for you comment Jerome
    talk soon

  49. Hector Cuevas says


    You said it all with this ONCE line: “Generic “system” methods cannot ever achieve what this sale funnel does”

    thanks for sharing your thoughts
    talk soon

  50. Hector Cuevas says

    Vicki.. I’ll tell you what – Whenever I see you purchase the popup plugin, I’ll create a cool cover graphics for you.. (no cost)

    Anything you want, a report cover, a dvd cover, a cd-rom cover .. whatever.. I’ll keep my eye on my clickbank report

    talk soon
    Hector :0)

  51. says

    Awww Hector, you are a true sweetheart and friend, thank you!

    I have to laugh though, just yesterday I found a free ecover generator that’s not as fully functional as the Photoshop plugin (does ebooks, box or cd seperately, not together as one image). But since Photoshop for the Mac was $600 (then the plugin on top of that was $59 if I recall), of course free won out! And for the ebook alone it did very well (

    I worked last evening and came up with one for my opt in form (you can check it out on my blog, & the larger version is at I haven’t done a capture page yet but that will take some thought on the page content.

    So I will surely buy the pop-up plugin, I’ve been keeping that on my list of things to do, and I will definitely take you up on your offer because I am eventually going to extend the first ebook into a full set of manuals (where the combined book/box/cd graphic will be best!)

    Have a fantastic day and thank you again for your generous offer – you are a prince!


  52. says

    You definitely do have to give value and share new ideas with them so that they can come again and again to your blog. That way eventually they will ask you what do you do for a living.

    However it is critical that you do things with no agenda because if your prospect feels that you have an agenda then you are done for good.

  53. says

    We really do appreciate you sharing with us all the things that you learn, mostly things that you think may be of help to us. This is quite a strategy. At first, you’ll think that blogs are all about researching and providing great content to capture your readers’ attention. I guess it all begins with there. But your tips just took blogging up a level. Thanks a lot!

  54. says

    Sounds such a great opportunity for learning. This will certainly give a good start to anybody wishing to create his/her own ideal lead generation process. Hope to get more ideas from you soon. For now, I wish you much luck! Thanks Hector.

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