19 Popular Bloggers Go Back In Time To Share Their Wisdom

I wanted to do something really cool for my birthday, so I decided to get in contact with some of the most influential and up and coming bloggers online.

In one way or another, I’ve gotten to chat with, get to know, and/or learned from these great people.

When I contacted them, I asked one simple question. The answers to this question, I believe, can help a lot of people get on the right track, when it comes to their blog and internet business.

Here it is:

“If you could go back in time, before you started blogging, and give yourself one piece of advice, what would you tell yourself?”

…and here’s what they said:

Corbett Barr From ThinkTraffic.net Says,

corbett“Whatever happens, no matter how much you feel like nobody cares, that you’re a failure, that you’re crazy to think you can build a real, sustainable business around a blog… don’t give up, and don’t waste time constantly second-guessing yourself.

All of the struggle and hard work will be worth it, and the less time you spend playing mind games with yourself, the sooner you’ll earn your freedom.”

Jean Sarauer From VirginBloggerNotes.com Says,


“If I could only give my newbie blogging self once piece of advance it would be this:  Always stay true to your blogging goals.

Whenever I’ve gotten overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged, it’s because I’ve started following in someone else’s footsteps rather than patiently working towards my own goals.

It’s so easy to listen to those voices that tell us we have to do things a certain way or achieve a certain result to be successful. When we do this, it’s easy to lose track of what really matters to us.

For me, the most important things are writing great content and connecting with others. These two things give me joy today and provide a strong foundation for future plans.

Now, whether or not my newbie blogging self would listen to my advice is another question entirely. :0) ”

Pat Flynn From SmartPassiveIncome.com Says,


“If I could go back into time before I started blogging, I’d tell myself to “stop worrying and get started NOW!”

If you lose all of your money, you can make it back. If your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you, you can always get another one.

But time – once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. Even as you read this, time is wasting away, so the longer you wait to take action, the less time you’ll have to reach your audience and make a difference.

Francisco Rosales From SocialMouths.com Says,


“I gotta admit that when I started blogging it was mostly jamming, I didn’t have a clear objective but I allowed myself to get started to see how it develops.

While I’m happy with the approach I took, I also see some of the mistakes I made. I didn’t have a clear business objective behind the blog and didn’t focus on conversion in the early stages.

Today I’m a strong believer that blogs don’t make money, a business makes money and a blog is only part of a marketing strategy. It can build trust, which is important but it can’t build a sustainable cash flow on its own.

My one piece of advice would be to plan as a business, not as a publisher of content.”

Tamar Weinberg From Techipedia.com says,

tamar“If I could go back in time, I’d probably try to set myself up to blog a lot more regularly! I don’t think I’d ever be able to successfully wing that, though, since that’s a really hard job.

When most of us start blogging, we have no real direction — I wasn’t sure if I was going to cover SEO, social media, business, or just feature a showcase of fun websites.

Getting into a regular blogging habit would have helped me figure out which direction my blog should have gone in. I’m happy where I’m at now, but I know I grappled with this for months when I started.”

Srinivas Rao From TheSkoolOfLife.com Says,

srinivas“Don’t sweat the numbers too much. It’s not about how big the audience you have is, but how much you make them love you. Passion for your topic is infectious and people can feel that.

Relationships are the lifeblood of the blogosphere. The more people you have genuine connections with, the more you will grow and learn. Give away your best stuff to blogs more popular than yours.

Anytime somebody asks you to contribute to a project, say yes, especially if doesn’t require much other than replying to an email. Finally, just keep taking action and there will be a result.”

Naomi Dunford From IttyBiz.com Says,


“Know what the hell you’re trying to do. Spend some time figuring out where it is you’re heading.

Do you eventually want to sell products? Services? Advertising?

It’s a lot easier to meet your goals when you actually know what they are.

Seems obvious, but you’ll be tempted to skip it. Don’t skip it.”


Erica Douglas From Erica.biz Says,

erica“I’d tell myself to start blogging earlier. It’s really useful to go back and look at my early blog posts and read about the struggles (and triumphs!) I was having as I built my business.

However, I didn’t write that often. I wish I would have written more.

Of course, I might also tell myself I have Celiac disease, in order to avoid years of feeling progressively more sick.

There are larger priorities than blogging. :0) ”

Nicholas Cardot From SiteSketch101.com Says,

nickDon’t worry about the small stuff like checking your stats every day or chasing your Alexa rank.

Spend time developing yourself to become better at writing, communicating, networking and leading.

With that, the blogging will just take care of itself. In other words, it’s not just about developing your blog as much as it is about developing yourself and then all you have to do is jump online and be yourself.”

Scott Young From ScottHYoung.com Says,



“Write stuff you enjoy reading.

It’s the only consistent motto of success I’ve had.



Josh Garcia From JoshGarcia.com Says,

josh“Don’t focus on the stats. Learning and trying to figure out the stats will slow you down.

Don’t be afraid to promote a product or service in the beginning stages.

Sell something ASAP! Get really good at email marketing to get good conversions.”


Henri Junttila From WakeUpCloud.com Says,

henri“If I could go back in time, I’d tell myself that it’s okay to BE myself. When you hold back, you deny people from being able to relate to you.

You, in essence, stop your tribe from finding you. Being yourself for me means being authentic, having a personality, and not being afraid to share that which makes you unique.

Now, I’m not saying you should share the most intimate details of your life, just the ones that you feel comfortable with.”


Mars Dorian From The World Needs You Says,

marsSimple. Be bolder. Even though I got attitude, I was still playing it timid and safe in the beginning. Being safe is the most dangerous place to be.

I thought was aiming for a bigger demographic by trying to appeal to everyone. BIG mistake. Not only did it felt wrong toning down one’s style, but it was also highly unsuccessful.

If I had a time machine, I would go back and do 2 things: punch my younger self in the face and then tell him: Be bolder, try more radical stuff, do new things that others only dream of doing.

You will never fail, but always get valuable feedback. The awesome land lies beyond the comfort zone.”

Jonathan Mead From IlluminatedMind.net Says,


“Find your voice. Explore as much as possible and don’t be afraid to try a lot of different styles.

Focus on providing value, but make sure that you enjoy what you’re writing about.”


Marie Forleo From MarieForleo.com Says,


“If I could go back in time and tell myself ONE thing, it would actually be three things.

Don’t be a wuss about using bad words, ask people to share if they dig it, and post more often.” :0)


Laura Roeder From LauraRoeder.com Says,

laura“I would tell myself “no one analyzes your blog as closely as you do!”

I used to stress out about everything being perfect – was the post perfectly on target and on topic, did everything tie up neatly in a bow, how was this going to fit in with the rest of the content I had planned?

Now I know that people just want interesting, useful content!

They don’t care if it’s about SEO even if your blog says its about social media. They just want good stuff. Stop over-analyzing and just get out there and create!”

Karol Gajda From RidiculouslyExtraordinary.com Says,

karol“I would connect with other bloggers earlier and more often. For my first 3 months I was mostly going it alone and it’s difficult to gain traction like that.

That said, I was blogging out of love, so I wasn’t very focused on growth in the beginning.

It’s hard to say if I’d actually do anything differently if I started over”  :0)


Kelly Kingman From StickyEbooks.com Says,

kelly“My advice to myself would be: relax. I thought that I had to be very together and almost formal in my writing.

It turns out that the more conversational you are and the more honest about what’s going on for you, the greater response is from readers.

It’s taken awhile to find my comfort zone, but if you just trust that being yourself will attract your right people, you’ll waste less time trying to anticipate what your market wants.”

Here’s What I Would Tell Myself…

hector“I would tell myself that quality is better than quantity, to avoid wearing myself out in the first 2 months of blogging.

I would tell myself that I’m gonna feel like crap sometimes (a lot of times), and I’m gonna want to give up – but I shouldn’t.

I would tell myself that if I stick with it, through all those horrible feelings – it’ll all be worth it in the end. I’ll be stronger, smarter, wiser and ready to take on any obstacle that gets in my way.

I would tell myself that only after struggle does victory presents itself.”

There It Is.. Now Over To You…

19 bloggers who’ve been where you probably are right now just shared some of their best advice – the reason I say “their best” is because they wouldn’t go back and give themselves bad advice, right? :0)

But what about you? What would you say to yourself if you had a chance to speak to yourself when you first got started. Let us know in the comments below, and please help me in thanking these great people for their contribution.

I’m sure you found this extremely useful, so please share it on Facebook & Twitter. Stumble It & Digg it. I’d really appreciate it.

talk soon..

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. says

    Well I guess I am the first, Happy Birthday Hector. This is great post, I wish we could all go back in time, but I think the main advice is to not give up and keep doing what you doing, Be in the game,


  2. says

    Hey Hector,

    I couldn’t wait for this post to come out! I learn so much by reading what others have too say. Awesome job collecting all of this and putting it together!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Josh Garcia

  3. says

    Good to here about what everyone thought previously and its not to distant from what many of us are thinking now.

    Thanks for the post 😀

  4. says

    Happy birthday Hector! Well to me, i will just stick to my flow! Keep providing value, networking with masterminds and forget bout d rest. Lol thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    Hi Hector,

    A day late but, Happy Birthday!

    And thanks for all the cool information and I definitely agree with Pat on just go and start already! So many people are holding back thinking of what could go wrong, etc. It’s all about starting and getting past that first hurdle that counts.


  6. says

    Firstly Happy Birthday!!

    Thanks for putting this together, I have never heard of one of these people/blogs aside from yours of course so looks like I am in for some research now!! Lovin’ Mars Dorian right now, definitely going to check this one out some more!

  7. says


    Happy Birthday my friend!

    Wow, what an awesome list of bloggers and information. This is great!

    I know I am in good company, networking with you and Josh Garcia.

    I am closely going to analyze each blogger listed, take some notes and see where I can improve my own blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy your day!
    Tommy D.

  8. Amanda Lee says

    Hi Hector

    Happy birthday!

    Loved the post – great job. It’s an all round WIN for the contributors and the readers. I am going to go back over it and write the ones down that I resonate most with.

    My advice to myself would be to go with my own INTUITION and not worry about ‘protocol’!

  9. says

    Happy Birth Day Hector. And this is really a special post. I believe you need to just do it without asking too many questions which will give negative answers. I remember one of your old post as well 7 Limiting Beliefs …”

    Enjoy your day


  10. says


    Thanks for including me in your roundup and I hope you’re having an awesome birthday. There’s a ton of great advice in this post from some rock solid people.


  11. says

    Oh Happy late Birthday Hector! I hope it was an awesome one!

    What a wonderful idea, I loved reading those. One of the big ones to me was Laura’s “no one analyzes your blog as closely as you do!” So true!

    All of those tips are really great, thank you!


  12. says

    Hi Hector,

    Great way of sharing other people’s insights!

    What stood out to me where ….

    Write stuff you love reading (Scott H. Young)

    Always stay true to your blogging goals (Virgin Blogger Notes).. don’t start following someone else’s footsteps. Stay true to yourself

    Don’t focus on the stats (Josh Garcia)

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s very helpful.


  13. says

    Hi Hector,
    This was a really great post. I like reading the advice of these bloggers for the newbies. It’s really insightful and motivational to hear that the success stories started out in the same spot we are in now.

  14. says

    Hi Hector,
    This is what I would say to myself:

    Be Very Patient!
    Be very consistent and keep on working!
    Stay focused!
    Always think long-term

    Now that I know what works for me I just have
    to keep on doing it. I guess it’s pretty much
    the same for most bloggers.

    One more thing: I find it very soothing to stop
    think about results and just provide value in
    my work.

    Awesome Post

  15. says

    Hi Hector,

    first of all belated birthday greetings.

    Then, you’ve done an awesome job by putting all this together, congratulations.

    I would start with a self-hosted blog from the very beginning, starting on a new site again even if you import your old stuff isn’t the best choice, I think. You definitely lose traction.

    One of the most important issues is about consistency, as mentioned by several people above. It’s not only about posting frequency, but also about being consistent in blog commenting, snydicating and networking with other bloggers.

    A lot of great people seem to struggle with that, all of a sudden they disappear from the screen.

    My current flaw is my obsession with short-term stats. I lose sight of the big picture sometimes because of that. Might deactivate the stat plugins 😉

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Take care


  16. says

    Awesome Hectore – you got some fantastic responses to your questions from some really big names. I especially liked these two tidbits:

    “Today I’m a strong believer that blogs don’t make money, a business makes money and a blog is only part of a marketing strategy. It can build trust, which is important but it can’t build a sustainable cash flow on its own.” – SocialMouths.com

    “If you lose all of your money, you can make it back. If your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you, you can always get another one.” – Pat Flynn

  17. says

    Wow, what an awesome and inspiring post! Well done for putting this together.

    These are great tips from successful bloggers. One of the big ones for me was Corbett Barr’s: “stay the course, don’t give up no matter”.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

    P.S. We share the same birthday :) Hope you had a great day.

  18. says

    Happy belated birthday, Hector! I hope you had a great time!

    Thanks so much for putting together this great post! I am going to spend some more time reading the amazing content here because I really want to soak it all in!

    After a quick read the one that sticks out to me the most is to write what you love to read about. That’s how I started with my blog and that’s what I’ve done when I have had the most fun with it.

    I’m still pretty new at blogging and what I need to tell myself is to stay focused on my goals. I have gotten side tracked with other things and my goals have been pushed aside.

  19. says

    Happy Birthday, Hector. You certainly gave us a great present on YOUR birthday. What a truly wonderful idea for a post, to hear from some of the best bloggers out there and get their advice that they would give themselves. Wow!

  20. says

    Hey Hector,

    There are some really inspirational pieces there, awesome list I will be checking out a few of these sites now.

    Thanks brother!

  21. says

    Hey Hector,

    Great to hear the different takes on what they found to work for them and that you were able to share this with us.

    I like what Josh said on his take. After all, we are running a business. So why not share something of value and get paid for it.

    More people will appreciate the straightforwardness.

    Take care buddy,
    Jerome Ratliff

  22. says

    Hello Hector,

    Happy Birthday! Better late than never! 

    I think what you just did was the most amazing gift you can give to yourself and to others! It’s a terrific Idea!
    2 Wonderful ideas really captured my attention. First, 2 or 3 of them mentioned that having your own goals and objectives and sticking to it is a must. Second, most of them reminded us that we will always encounter struggles and problems along the way, but that giving up is not an option if you want to succeed in this business. I really love this posts..

    Thanks and Have a great day!


  23. says

    HI Hector,

    Wonderful post and I hope you had a wonderful birthday as well! Thanks for introducing me to all these great blogs!

    I have to say that I totally agree with Erica that I wish I had started blogging sooner, but I’m so thankful that I did start and I’m not stuck in getting ready to get ready stage any more.

    Happy Birthday to you! :)


  24. says

    Late happy birthday Hector

    some excellent insights and advice. Sticking to what you believe in and not trying to follow others is perhaps the point that most resonates with me.

    Mars’ comment about not toning things down is good. Writing in our own style and about what really fires us up means that there will be passion in the blog.

    thanks for these
    Charlie Holles

  25. says

    This was great. I loved the one that said “don’t be afraid to try to sell something early on.” I’ve learned a lot about writing and communicating well and I need to not be afraid to promote the great products I have to offer. Also, I need to blog more often. Thanks, Hector.

  26. says

    Great post Hector.

    I think the biggest thing is to just get started. I know I fell into the trap of thinking that everything had to be perfect before I started writing. Fiddling around with the design, trying to find the right pictures, figuring out how to add the little touches that I see and love on other sites….all the while the blog set empty.

    Design means nothing if you never type that first word.

    I also wanted to quickly thank you for your hard work and effort on this site. I appreciate the opportunity to look over your shoulder as I learn.

    Have a great day.


  27. says

    Hey Alan.. I gotta agree with that point – as much as a design freak as I am, it really doesn’t mean anything if there’s no writing accompanying it.

    Getting started was a big one for me, I was afraid of putting myself out there, what would people think, what would people say – that’s all I thought about. But Laura was right, “no one analyzes what you do more than you”

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.. glad you liked the post :0)

    talk soon

  28. says

    Amy.. thanks for leaving a comment – That’s something many people struggle with everyday. But, this is a business and it needs to be treated as such.

    Unless you just wanna be a great person and give everything away for free because you have everything you want and need in life – that’s another story :0)

    ..and that’s probably not us – right?

    thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you liked the post

    talk soon

  29. says

    Thanks for the quick reply, Hector. I mean within 40 minutes after posting…pretty impressive and a tough standard to uphold…lol. Now I work overnight so I can understand me commenting at 2:00 in the morning, but why in the world are you up at that time?

    Thanks again and have a great day.

  30. says

    If I could give you a big ole hug for this post, I would. Instead I will simply say thank you thank you thank you for this!

    Not only did you give me great content as a new blogger, but you gave me a list of pros from which to learn from.

    Great post – my favorite so far and I luv what you do here. Yes – I have you permanently attached to my Google Reader.


  31. says

    What a smashing idea for a blog post, one thing it does is makes me realize how big the web is and how many bloggers I still don’t know. Everyday I work online and I haven’t even heard of any of these bloggers. I have to continue reaching out to build more relationships as it’s obvious I’m missing some great blogging here.

  32. says


    Stumbled across your site searching for ‘Blog Marketing’ and wanted to let you know you’ve done a really nice job! Site is looking great, and you’ve got some good content.

    This article is especially helpful as I’m just starting a blog as well, and need to spread the word. Great tips from existing bloggers. I’m hoping to start commenting / guest posting / reaching out ASAP, since it always takes longer then you think.

    Best of luck, and I’ll be back for more info.

    P.S. Love the theme! It actually made me laugh as it’s the one I use at eCommerceFuel.com. You have good taste…..

  33. says

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