The Psychology of Blogging: 6 Things Your Readers Wish You Knew

psychology of bloggingIf you search on Google for the “Psychology of Blogging“, you’ll find articles talking about the blog owner’s mind.

You know.. things like:

  • success habits
  • traits successful bloggers have
  • what it takes to build a popular blog

I want to take a different approach. Instead of talking about you, I want to talk about your reader.

… because ultimately, that’s who’ll determine the success of your site. Not you or your secret ninja marketing tactics.

Not your brand new keyword research tool or an amazing wordpress plugin you’ve just bought. The success of your site lies in the hands of the people who read it.

… and, of course, in your ability to meet their needs. So, let’s jump right in. Here’s are 6 things your readers wish you knew.

“I like knowing whose blog I’m reading”

Even though you’re typing on a keyboard and publishing your content on a machine with zero emotion, you shouldn’t run your blog like a lifeless robot.

Simple things like adding your name, adding an ‘About Me’ page or a picture of you in the sidebar will let your readers know who you are.

Up until recently, I didn’t have a picture of me on the sidebar. I figured a picture on my about page was enough.

But I’ve gotten emails from a few people who suggested I added a bit more personality to the site. Now you can see my face as soon as you get to the site. (I want you to know I’m human.. and you can talk to me)

That’s how we connect in real life, isn’t it?

“I like when you talk directly to me”

The word “YOU” is mighty powerful and you should use it often. I use it in every single post I write because I want YOU to know that these posts are written specifically for YOU, and with you in mind.

I don’t say “Hey guys and gals.. “ even though I know thousands will read this. Why? because you’re not sitting in a room with thousands of people hovering around the computer screen.

… are you? of course not… but if you are – You’re all very strange people. 

But if you’re like most people, you’re probably reading this by yourself; on your laptop, mac or PC, or on your iPad or smartphone. So why would I address you as a group? It doesn’t make sense to me.

“Quick email responses mean a whole lot”

Have you ever sent an email to someone and gotten a reply in less than 5 minutes? If you have, you know that feeling. The first thought is usually, “wow, that was quick”.

The second thought is, “this person is awesome… she/he really cares”. I have all my emails forwarded to my iPhone, and although I can’t get through all them in this fashion, I try my best to reply as fast as I can.

I want everyone that emails me to get that feeling. I want everyone to know that I’m here to help. If there’s anything you can do to increase the speed of email responses, (or tweets, or comments) then do it.

Your audience will love you for it.

“I really like surprises and goodies”

Some of my most popular posts have had some type of downloadable file; either an Mp3 file, a PDF report or an infographic you can save to your computer.

These may seem simple and insignificant when you consider everything it takes to build a large audience, but they really do make a difference. Very few bloggers take the time and effort to go the extra mile for their readers.

If a worksheet will help them get clarity, why not add one? If a checklist can help your readers get organized, why not create one?

Think about that..

“I don’t like confusing websites”

The easier it is for your visitors to get around your site, the happier they’ll be. Having too much ‘going on’ can confuse your readers and get them to leave your site without ‘looking around’?

So, how can you improve website usability? Here are 3 ways:

  • Remove clutter.
  • Use proper menu titles in your top or side navigation.
  • Avoid color overload. Red. Blue. Green. Purple. and black probably don’t go well together. (..but that’s just me)

“… I’ll start to forget you exist”

If you fail to consistently put out great content, your readers will begin to forget about you. This is why it’s important to have an editorial calendar, and follow a proven content marketing strategy.

There’s an overwhelming amount of information on the internet and attention has become extremely scarce. Your job is to not only attract attention from your target audience, but also keep it.

Consistency is the key. Keep up the flow of content and your audience will stick by you til the end. I mean, why wouldn’t they? You’re awesome!

On to you..

Now that we’ve discussed the psychology of blogging, what are some other things we should keep in mind? Tell us what changes you’ll be making to your site, now that you’ve seen it from your readers’ perspective.

Speak you mind. Talk soon.

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  1. says

    I have to congratulate you on your content, Hector!

    Always interesting, intelligent and engaging.

    It good to see that you practice what you preach1

  2. says

    This article was packed with awesomeness, Hector!

    Aside from that, it’s totally trippy having your eyes follow me down the article – YIKES! 😮

  3. says

    Just getting ready to start a blog for my website; these tips help a lot (and I found myself nodding my head at each one!) Thanks, Hector!

  4. says

    Definitely need to declutter my site…way to much colour. I love this layout..I’m into clean too…but yours is clean without being boring. Is this a theme? or custom?

  5. says

    “Now you can see my face following you around as you scroll.” PLEASE stop following me. I can’t concentrate on reading what you wrote with you following me. It is a DISTRACTION!

  6. says

    Hector – This was basic, but very good. I like your simple tip on trying to respond to emails as quickly as you can. Even though I am guilty of it, it is critical to try to acknowledge others who are talking to you and not ignore them. Unless your favorite football team is playing….

  7. says

    Thanks for breaking it down. It is easy to spend too much time on the tweaks and latest news, that we drift away from some of the fundamentals.

  8. says

    That’s a great tip about having a photo in the sidebar…I’d never thought of it and am certainly going to implement it on my own site. (well as soon as I get my hair done I will!)
    You’re so right that it adds more of your personality to your site, and as a bonus you’re very easy on the eyes dude!

  9. says

    Nice post .. I have to congratulate you on your content, Hector!
    It’s such an interesting post and very informative. I really like it. You shared a really good information. Thank you and keep sharing.

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