How To Use Technology To Automate 79.7% Of Your Internet Business

automated-processes79.7% – that’s crazy, right?! I mean, how could you automate 79.7% of your business? You would need employees and an entire team of virtual assistants just to make it work, right?

…and what’s up with the 20.3% that’s left? Why isn’t that part of your business automated?

First of all, you must know that this percentage (79.7%) is not based on 20 years of experiments done in some underground marketing lab that I own; whose location is only known by a select few. (O_0) – I simply came up with that number after looking at the four components of internet business building; and based it around the 80/20 rule.(or 79.7/20.3 rule in this case)

The rule says that 80% of our results will come from 20% of our efforts. I’ll tell you what that 20.3% is, and why it’s super important in a little bit. First…

Let’s Talk About Business Automation

automate-business-chartThere are definitely more pieces you can automate of your internet business than not, but very few of us actually do it. Why?

Oh, I don’t know, maybe we like to stay busy and feel productive.

Or maybe some of us just don’t know what these pieces are or how to make them work on autopilot. Whatever the reason, my hopes is to help you recognize which part of your business you can set and forget, and which pieces you need to work on everyday.

Here’s what they are…

1. Automate Lead Generation
By this I mean the process that your site or blog visitors go through to get on your newsletter or email list. This process has been automated on this blog for over 8 months. I might go back and tweak a few things for testing, but other than that -it’s a set and forget component of my business.

2. Automate Sales Process & Product Delivery
Whether you have a product or a service, you can automate the actual sales process. This includes having the sales page with the offer and the back-end (geeky) stuff to handle the membership or delivery or the product. Unless something goes completely wrong, this is another piece of you can set & forget.

3. Automate Traffic Generation
This might strike a nerve for some of you. How can you automate traffic generation when it’s so hard to get traffic in the first place? No, this is not about using PPC or any kind of paid advertising. You can automate traffic generation after a lot of hard work; month and months of creating great content and building an awesome community of people who like you, and share your message with the rest of the world.

You can automate traffic generation by building your RSS subscriber list, or ranking really high for a ton of your best keywords. After doing this for months, I can now press publish and see visitors coming to the blog – of course, I’m always working on building my audience and building my traffic streams.

4. Automate Relationship Building
This is possible through the use of autoresponders. If you don’t have an email management service, I highly recommend Aweber; I use their service, and they’re awesome!

The way you can automate relationship building with your subscribers is by setting up a set of emails that go out automatically once they sign up. It can be every 3 days or every week; however you do it, it will help you build a deeper connection with them and stay front of mind.

5. Automate Market Research
This is also possible through the use of autoresponder sequences. The way you can automate market research is by setting up an email that goes out 2 or 3 weeks after they sign up asking them to participate in a survey.

This way you can find out what they really want, what their goals are, what they want to learn about and how you help them better. This is invaluable information that you can’t find anywhere else about your market and you can set & forget by setting up ONE stinky email in your sequence.

What’s Up With The Other 20.3% !?

The other 20.3% is the stuff you should never automate, especially if you’re just starting out and want to grow your audience. This is the Content/Product Creation aspect of your business.

Think about it.. if you wanted to automate this part, you would have to outsource your content and that’s not a great way to build a following. Your content is the forefront of your business. This is what makes you special, this is what makes you unique and attractive to your audience.

Your content will ultimately be the reason they buy from you, so don’t try to automate something that is THAT important to the success of your business. This is what you should be spending your time on; creating content that attracts your target audience and creating products to sell them.

But as we all know, getting everything set up is the hard part. Setting up these automated systems to work for you takes a lot of work and strategy to makes them work well. If you have any questions or feedback, leave them below. Remember, I’m here to help.


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  1. says


    This was a great post!

    The traffic generation part applies to product development as well. If you have a quality content that is packaged into a form of product, your affiliates are doing the promotion for you. So, instead of you writing articles and doing other promotion, they are doing it for you instead.

  2. says

    Great post Hector. I do have a virtual assistant and she helped me get set up what you talk about here – all the automated systems.

    I really like that you mention to NOT automate your content. I do use article marketing as part of a link building strategy, but all the content on my main blogs are never outsourced. It would be inauthentic in my opinion.

  3. says


    That’s exactly right. Traffic will come to you if you’ve spend a great deal of time creating great content and great relationship with other marketers. As long as you’re creating the content/product yourself, you should be fine. Are you automating your business?

  4. says

    Hey Rob,

    Glad you liked the post.. If the content is being created for link building, there’s no biggie. But I do agree that if it’s for your main blog, it will lack authenticity.

    Content is the cornerstone of our online business, and it’s best if we handle it. :)

    thanks for your comment

  5. says

    Yet another great post Hector. This post draws the exact line between automation and non automation tasks that we do it in our everyday blogging.

    I would like to add that we need to build relationships with other bloggers as well. It is also a very important step. Product creation and building relationships are the tasks that would need personal touch. Others can be automated to a larger extent.

    Looking forward for your future posts Hector.

    Prajwal Shinde

  6. says

    Honestly I did not get the 100% Automate business technology. But I understood how we can generate automate traffic after building huge number of subscribers. I need to study more on automate internet business.

    Thanks for such awesome article :)

  7. says

    Prajwal.. that’s a great point. I forgot to add that in there, but thanks so including it in your comment. Networking is yet another task that cannot be automated and is critical to our internet business success.

  8. says

    I don’t think an internet business can be automated 100% by technology Atul. Maybe if you outsource a lot of the things that you need to do as the business owner, but with a model like our, that depends on content – it would be very difficult to do that.

    There are scripts, software, technology and services that can do a lot of the back-end, sales automation stuff – but when it comes to building relationships with other bloggers (like Prajwal said), and content creation, I would be very hesitant to automate that :)

    thanks for your comment..
    appreciate the feedback

  9. says

    Oh ! Dear Hector, I did not say internet business can be automated 100% by technology. I said I did not understand 100% of your article. Ok :)

  10. says

    Hey Hector,

    You’re so right – there is a portion of your business you can never automate because it is the x-factor that sets you apart from any other business out there. In today’s internet age, it is our personalities and unique voices that make us stand out amidst a sea of voices. Lose that, and you lose your value proposition.

    Great reminder – thanks!

  11. says

    Absolutely AWESOME.

    Seriously great writing, and very well thought out – I knew you could automate a lot, and actually DO – but, I didn’t know you could get rid of THAT much – got me thinking again now…!!

    Particularly liked the point on relationship building.

    Thanks for the great content.


  12. says


    I’m so glad you mentioned not automating 100% of you business. I visit so many blogs that are obviously written by outsourcers. It really hurts the content. (Needless to say, I do not bother making a second visit to those blogs.) I think the problem is that people get this fantastic image in their minds of a business that runs itself 24/7 and makes them tons of money. But the idea that you do not need to have control over your business is just silly.

    Again, excellent advice. You really know where to draw the line, and that what more people need to be willing to do.

  13. says

    There is still a long way to go for me until I can reach that 79,7% :)

    So the answer is no. I’m still in such early stages of my business, but things that you mentioned are definitely something worth automating ASAP.

    In fact, I’m glad that you mentioned about your services you are offering at the end of your post, because I may need some help of yours in these things … 😉

  14. says

    Hey Hector,
    The old 80/20 rule. Thanks for the reminder and tips. And I know creating your own content is important… it identifies you.
    See you next time.

    Coach Freddie

  15. says

    Hey Hector

    Seems like you been doing your research over the past months to generate such a plan. Very interesting, Your right; there are a lot of automated stuff that you can use to leverage your activities and business. Just takes a little work in the beginning and you should be off to a great start to easing up a bit. Learned a few ideas here that I will eventually start implementing. Great post that you have here though. I’m enjoying the content here for my second visit here.

  16. says

    “it is the x-factor that sets you apart from any other business out there.” – that’s exactly right Nacie.

    We are only as valuable as what we put into the world – in this case, our content. If we all willing to create unique, valuable and inspiring content, then that’s exactly how our audience will view us.

    thanks for stopping by

  17. says

    What’s up Chris – glad you liked the post.

    When it comes to relationship building I like to have a combination of automated emails where I share evergreen content, and broadcast emails where I share content that’s a bit more current and time sensitive.

    Thanks for the feedback; it really means a lot coming from the king of outsourcing and automation. :)

  18. says

    “the idea that you do not need to have control over your business is just silly.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Even with the technology that allows you to create passive income streams, you will still have to go back, tweak some things, mess with technical issues, customer service and all that other stuff.

    Thanks for your feedback Dave

  19. says

    Leverage.. that’s the money word right there. I should have mentioned it in the post. That’s what this is all about.

    Creating system that allow you leverage your time and focus on the 20% that needs your time and attention. Thanks for adding value to the conversation Steven..

    Hope you continue stopping by

  20. says

    I agree with you in this post Hector about automating certain stuff except for your content creation. Content creation is so important because this is what will get people to trust you and buy from you.
    oh yeah.. you said all that

    Great post

  21. says

    Great advice, Hector!

    I personally wouldn’t dare think of automating my content. It would be easily noticed and would give me some nasty looks. However, the things you touched upon that should be automated are spot on, and will benefit anyone trying to set up their attraction marketing system.

    Automated lead generation and traffic generation are the keys to endless amounts of prospects.

    Nice Article! Keep em Coming!

    Adrian Padua

  22. says

    Hey Patrick, I’m glad you’re working on it. The info is here to help you out, if you have any further questions, feel free to leave me a voice message at 206-202-2192 and I’ll answer your questions on the podcast..

    talk soon

  23. says

    “Automated lead generation and traffic generation are the keys to endless amounts of prospects”

    And that is the life blood of your business. One you have that set up, you’ll know for sure you’ll be in business for a very long time.. (and maybe go on vacation) Lol

  24. says

    I see that before something gets automated it has to be built up by hard work. It makes a lot of sense. Some people think that they can get anything with just a flick of a finger forgetting the value of hard work. Thank you for pointing that out.

  25. says

    Hi Hector!

    Great discussion. I agree with doing away with some of the marketing tasks using technology. In the first place, technology is there to make our lives easier; not replace it. And in things that matter, the human touch is still the best.

  26. says

    Hello Hector!

    Automation is one of the things I LOVE BEST about having an internet business! I know it’s time consuming and sometimes difficult to get things set up, but I look at them as building blocks. Every time I put one in place, it’s done and I don’t have to think about it. I can move on to the next one. My “house” is not complete yet, but I’m making progress, brick by brick.

    Awesome post!


  27. says

    Very cool post; I’m stepping back into the Blogging ? Marketing game with a bit more drive and having been trying to automate as much as possible.

  28. says

    Powerful post Hector! I like the fact that you point out that traffic generation becomes automated AFTER all the hard work has been put in. It’s not a over-night thing and it’s important to point that out.

    Funny b/c you can automate your Aweber with autoresponders, but it can get a bit tricky. I use two techniques concurrently – I have a list of auto-responses after someone opts into my newsletter and then I do biweekly emails that are personalized, just coming from me, current at the moment stuff (this is where part of that 20% you are talking about comes in. 😉 ).

    As usual, awesome post!

  29. says

    Great post Hector,

    I am all about automation. Specifically as your efforts grow you need to automate or outsource and automate. Doing every single piece yourself, simply is not scalable.

    It is unlikely that starting out anyone is going to be very automated, it is something that should be built up slowly, but your 79.7/20.3 numbers seem pretty apt. There are certainly those things which should NEVER be automated along with all the good points you pointed out.

  30. says

    Hi Hector,

    These are all great points! I’m glad that I’m automating the right things, though I need to work on my list!

    Thanks for another great post full of valuable ideas!

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