The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Guide for 2012 [Also Available In PDF]

twitter-marketing-guide-2012It only takes us (Twitter users) 1 week to sent out a billion tweets.

7 days = a Billion tweets.

If that number doesn’t amaze you, then I don’t know what will. The point is, there’s a lot of people on twitter, and with a lot of people comes two things:

(1) Great opportunity – That’s the good one and (2) a lot of noise – This ain’t so good

Our job as marketers is to try to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of those interested in what we have to offer.

One thing is certain, no matter what you’re writing about on your site, no matter who your target market is, all people have one thing in common.

This is…

How Twitter Fits Into The Inbound Marketing Model

puzzle“What’s In It For Me” – This is what people really care about, and when you’re using ANY social networking site, (not just Twitter) you need to keep this in mind.

This is what I do when I use twitter and that’s the mindset I recommend you have when you implement it into your marketing strategy. All the noise on Twitter is the enemy, and the only way to rise above the noise is to give people what they want.

That’s how you win…

That’s what Inbound Marketing is all about – getting people to come to you because you have the solution to their problems. You can fix their pain, fulfill their desires and get them results.

You blog is your main hub. I’ve been talking about this for years – and Twitter (just like all these other social sites) is just a channel you can use to attract like minded people back to your hub.

Getting followers, retweeting, networking, and all the other cool things that happen on twitter all boils down to one desired result – growing an audience.

…and today you’re gonna get it all. Everything you need to become a twitter powerhouse is inside this post – and also conveniently available in PDF.

But first, I need to apologize for all new twitter users because I’m going to literally skip over the newbie stuff; like what is twitter, how to setup an account, how to tweet and what is a retweet. I assume that you know the basics of Twitter and can figure out how to use it fairly easily.

If not, here’s the getting started page they created for you. Twitter 101.

Let’s Start With The Fun Stuff – Twitter Traffic

twitter-traffic-statsI like putting things into perspective, and traffic stats are a great way to do that. Twitter is currently sending me over 2,500 visits per month.

What’s more is that Twitter has become my number ONE traffic source. – which is awesome. It has beaten Google, Pinterest and Facebook.

Here’s a screenshot:

Am I saying you should focus solely on Twitter and forget about the other ones – heck no! The combination of all of these channels is where the money is. This is how you grow your audience and built a high traffic blog.

If you haven’t checked out the Ultimate Pinterest Marketing post, do so when you have a chance.

So how do you get more traffic?

The 3 most common tips I hear that work the best on twitter are these:

1. Use URL Shorteners: This allows you to use your 140 characters to really grab the user’s attention. Don’t let the URL take up all that valuable space.

2. Headlines 101: Tweeting is just like writing headlines, you have a certain amount of words to grab someone’s attention so make it count. Start your tweets with ‘how to’, ‘3 ways’, and ‘how I’ – for best results.

3. Tweet Valuable Stuff: Don’t waste your followers’ time with useless crap. Value their time and they’ll repay you with their attention when you need it.

Here are some of the most valuable resources I’ve found on getting more Traffic from twitter:

 Need More Followers? Let’s Tackle That Next…

twitter-followersThere’s a lot of talk about quality vs quantity when it comes to twitter followers. Some believe that you should only focus growing a twitter following a few people at a time.

This ensures that you’re engaging with your followers, and that they’re actually interested in what you have to say.

Other believe that larger numbers are always better. The more twitter followers you have, the better your reach. This makes sense, right?

I don’t take sides.

I believe that both are equally important and you should focus on growing a large audience on Twitter, while trying your best to engage with people who are interested in your topic.

Think about it: Having 300 really engaged twitter followers is great, but where’s your reach? On the other hand, using a mass follow tool to grow your following to 100K non-targeted people is a waste of time.

There’s a healthy balance, and I believe these articles will help you get there:

Some of these articles are a few years old, but the information inside still hold true to this day. The joys of evergreen content. :0)

Cool Twitter Experiments

This is when people reeeeeaaaallly started getting into Twitter – and when I say people, I mean “crazy, obsessed and genius marketers. ”

  • They wanted to know when was the best time to tweet.
  • What words were getting retweeted the most.
  • What words were getting retweeted the least.
  • How long should tweets be.

and many more tiny details that made a huge difference in how we tweeted and the results we got. This section will bring all this data together for you, so you can get the most out of your Tweets.

The general consensus is you should tweet between 2pm and 5 pm (EST) if you want your more of your followers to see your tweets.

And you should tweet more often on weekends because twitter users retweet more often on weekends.

Here are 3 articles that you might find useful:

Beautifully Designed Twitter Infographics

I wanted to add this section to the Twitter Marketing guide because I think Infographics are awesome and they contain a lot of useful information.

Here are some I found:

All You Need To Know About Twitter Etiquette

Here’s the definition of Etiquette: “the code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other”

Her’s how I define twitter etiquette: “Don’t Be A Jerk”

It’s really that simple. There are 272,000 articles on “Twitter Etiquette” indexed on Google.

I don’t need to link to a bunch of those articles to help you understand that on Twitter (just like any other social networking site) you need to be respectful, spamming is frowned upon, and niceness is always welcomed.

It’s not much different than dealing with people offline. The general rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t say it to someone face to face, don’t tweet it at all.

  • Thank people for retweeting your content.
  • Talk to the people who follow you – twitter makes this easy for you.
  • Respond to those who mention you in a tweet.

That’s all you need to know. Moving on…

How To Get A Ton of Retweets

Getting retweets is the name of the game for us bloggers; and it makes sense right? The more retweets you get, the more visitors end up coming to your site.

So how do we get some?

In this section I’ll share some tips for getting your content retweeted, as well as links to great articles on the subject. These tips aren’t much different than all the traffic getting tips.

If you want to get retweeted, here’s what I suggest you do:

Tweet at high traffic times. Remember that between 2pm and 5pm eastern time, there are more twitter users online, checking their twitter streams. The more people see your tweets, the more will retweet them.

Grab their attention with great headlines. I will never retweet something like this: “hey, I just published a new blog post, check it out [LINK]” – That’s not compelling at all.

Focus on the benefits your readers will get and tweet out the title of the post. Most people will retweet it even before reading the post, because they’ll assume it’s really good.

Leave space for your followers. Don’t make your tweet so long that your followers won’t be able to add anything to the message. Some people might want to say “Great post” or “Check this out >” – but if you’ve used up all 140 characters, they won’t be able to.

Here are 5 articles that will surely help you get more retweets today!

Twitter Tools & Services

Below are a list of services that can add to your Twitter Marketing experience. They make scheduling your tweets, following people and checking your stats, reach and influence a lot easier.

Two of the best services I’m using right now are Triberr and JustRetweet. They’re easy to use and they help you reach a ton more people that you wouldn’t reach otherwise.

Check these out, too:

  1. Social Oomph
  2. Hootsuite
  3. TweetReach
  4. Buffer
  5. Twinfluence
  6. Twitter Karma
  7. Twitoria
  8. TweetSum

How To Download This Twitter Marketing Guide

Since this is all about twitter, i thought it would be cool if you would pay with a tweet. So, if you want the PDF version of this guide to download to your computer, all you have to do is click on the button below.

Thanks for stopping by and if I missed anything, please let me know in the comments section.

Talk soon,


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